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Sleek Garden of Eden i-Divine Palette

Sleek makes the most amazing affordable beauty products. I have the 2013 i-Divine palette which was filled with gorgeous bright pops of colour. This palette is called the Garden of Eden i-Divine Palette and is due for release in February - why must you make us wait for Sleek, whhhyyy! 

As you can tell the shades in this are very earth-toned, it is after all called the Garden of Eden palette so we couldn't really expect any less. There are twelve highly pigmented eyeshadows in shades of dusky purple, earthy browns and organic greens. Each shade comes with a genius name such as 'Eve's Kiss', 'Gates of Eden' and 'Paradise on Earth.' 

Priced at £7.99 I know I need this, I feel like I've done bright pops of colour for too long and I'm all over the nudes, earthy and muted shades for 2014. You can check out the palette over on the Sleek website once it's launched. If you can't wait you can pick up the Vintage Romance palette or the V2 palette which also contains gorgeous earthy matte shadows. 


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