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Laura Mercier Votive Sampler Candle Set (was £42 now £21)/ Lipstick Queen - Dancing Queen Lipstick Set (was £18 Now £9) / Terrybly Or Rose Highlighter Compact  (was £72 now £36) / Lacque De Rose in Rose Romance & Rose Du Diable (was £29 now £14.50) / Rodial Glamoxy Snake Venom Pen (was £78 now £39) / Laughter Nuit Collection (was £45 now £22.50) / This Works Dream Believers Set (was £20 now £10) / Diptyque Do Son EDT (was £68 now £34) / Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Quartet Set (was £60 now £30) /

Another sale post oh yaas but I couldn't forgo posting. I can't promise I'm not going to post more sale posts between now and New Year simply because they're so g-ooo-d this year. This one, of course, is all about Space NK and their beauty goodness. 

A few years back I was all about buying low-cost products with the belief that anything over £50 you was really just paying for packaging and branding, while this is true in some cases I was completely wrong in others. For me buying branded products that are more expensive isn't about the showing off, it's about how well they work, what ingredients they contain and the long term benefits to your skin and overall health. Yup low-cost brands will work but they contain the lowest-priced, cheap and nasty ingredients that are known to cause allergies, migraines, break-outs, dermatitis and.... cancer. While you would need to absorb a lot of those nasty ingredients they do build up over the years and if given the chance would you really play Russian roulette with those odds? 

Because of my penchant for good products I do get overly excited by sales such as the Space NK one because most products I have mentally lusted after for months, I may have even blogged about my love of the product and may need to have it. Now with discounted prices, all of that time I spent lusting may come to fruition *smiles* 

These products were all ones I had added to my wishlist. The Snake Venom Pen by Rodial did cost £78 but is now discounted to £39, I've tried snake venom based products and they work - really good with emphasis on the really. You can literally see lines relax and dull down straight after applying it so this product was a must-have because it's half price! that's just incredible. 

Terrybly Or Rose compact highlighter has received amazing reviews across the net, it's not a brand I've tried simply because it's so expensive normally and I just can't justify £72 for a highlighter but it's in the sale for a more affordable £36. You can completely get a sense of how luxurious this product is from the image alone can't you. It apparently contains vitamins, mother of pearl and real 24k gold flakes - damn I want it even more now. 

Diptyque perfumes are my new love. I only recently tried them would you believe only leaving it so long because I actually forgot they made perfumes. While I would happily add any of their unisex note fragrances I chose Do Son EDT. This EDT contains notes of Orange Flower, Rose, Tuberose, Pink Pepper, Benzoin and Musk and normally costs £48 for 50ml but costs only £24 in the sale. There are other EDT's of course if those notes don't take your fancy. 

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Quartet was £60 but now costs £30! bargain. Sensual scents with that warming homely undertone, the gift set contains Honey Bath, Scrub, Souffle Body Cream and a Candle - perfect night in I say. 

While I could go over each and every product in my wishlist above I'll save you the earache (I do go on at times don't I) Each of these products were chosen for their reviews, brand name and promises, discount and purpose. Now, which one do I purchase first? 

What brands or products have you managed to snap up in the sales? 


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