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Ted Baker | Treasure For Treasure Hat Box

I previously blogged about Ted Bakers latest offerings, I knew right there and then that I had to have the Treasure for Treasure Hat Box gift set. It was the notes in the fragrance and the pretty box that drew me in, I love boxes for storing my bits and bobs in don't you? 

The gift set includes Indulgent Body Souffle, Body Wash and a Body Polisher. The souffle is an absolute luxury as it's rich but not greasy and has the most delicate feminine scent which lasts for a few hours at least. Here's a peek at it...

The products work well with each other and do exactly what they're supposed to. I'm cleaned without feeling irritated, I'm moisturised without feeling oily or having to re-apply ten minutes later - when I think of it there are no negatives about this set other than I wish the actual box was a huge version so I could fit in more stuff. 

It's a pretty gift set, isn't it? I was actually pleased that the whole thing was functional, there's nothing worse than having to rip off a ton of plastic and cardboard wrappers before you get into a gift set - I feel deflated sometimes when you have to ruin the packaging just to get used of the products. With this, I could use each of the products - and - reuse the awesome hatbox. More companies need to take note I think. 

You can get your hands on your own one for £15 over at Boots. It's also currently included in the 3 for 2 offer. 


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