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The Body Shop Sale // Top 10 Picks

The Body Shop is a major iconic brand that really needs no explanation. Chances are you've purchased something from the brand and chances are you have a favourite product too. I started off as a White Musk girl, moved to those fruity shaped soaps and ball pearls that popped in the bath releasing yummy scented oils into the water. Over the years I've purchased so many body butter and lip balms I've lost count. 

I always get excited when I get the emails saying 'Body Shop Sale' I always indulge in a spend even if it's £5 and on so many occasions those 'little spends' have saved my ass when I've been unable to get out to purchase a Birthday Present, Anniversary present or such like. 

So there's a sale and there's lots of good stuff for much cheapness. I had to post a top ten you know what it's like when the need to shop creeps on and online window shopping kind of curbs my need to spend. 
The Body Shop Sale

So here goes, I hope you enjoy my window shop and top picks... 
  1. Absinthe Moisture Duo (£4)
  2. Festive Hand Treat Trio (£8)
  3. Ginger Sparkle Body Butter (£5)
  4. Buriti Baby Mini Essentials (£6)
  5. Chocomania Body Butter (£5)
  6. Colour Glide Lip Colour (£6) 
  7. Rainforest Balance Haircare Kit (£3)
  8. Starlight Oil Burner (£7)
  9. Chocomania Cupcake Gift (£3.50)
  10. Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil (£2.50) 
Because it's a sale you will need to be quick. Pop over to The Body Shop's website here or via Quidco. You know you're never too early to pick up bargains like these, call me crazy but buying little by little over the year reduces so much stress and allows you to just enjoy the festivities as they come. 

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