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The Vegan Kind Box 2 (TVK) | It's a Good One!

Another incredible The Vegan Kind box (TVK). The Vegan Kind is as you guessed a subscription service similar to how beauty boxes function but they contain the most amazing vegan lifestyle products for only £10 a month (no contracts). 

Let's have a peek at the contents as they're not all pictured in the main image above...

Freedom Mallows 75g - Vegan mallows that taste even better than any non-vegan mallows I've ever tried before. These have a gorgeous vanilla taste and are suited to both vegans, Halal and Kosher. Perfect for on top of hot chocolate, dipped in vegan chocolate and left to cool and just as they are. Even my seven years old loved them and couldn't tell they weren't anything other than mallows. 

Arbonne Protein Bar (Fruit) - A healthy balance of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It helps to boost energy and keep you filled up until your next main meal and tastes fantastic too. Most fruit bars tend to just taste like sugar to me and while this is sweet it's not too sweet. It tastes so yummy you'd never believe it contains 15 vitamins and minerals. (If purchasing from Arbonne please enter code: 116147746 as you need a referral code *non affiliated*)

YAOH Lipbalm (strawberry) - This isn't pictured as I used it as soon as the box was opened *oops* I then took it out in my handbag and forgot to photograph it so apologies. I can confirm it tastes like real strawberries and not that horrible fake chemical flavoured strawberry. It's moisturising and it lasts even after having a drink - it's really fab and I so want to try the coconut version. 

Snowflake (bonus gift) - What a surprise to find this pretty seasonal snowflake in the box. It was such a nice touch and came at the perfect time as I'd just popped up my tree the night before. 

TVK Recipe Card - You will receive these in every box, they're so handy because you can keep them in the kitchen and they wipe free too. Twice Baked Butternut Squash anyone? 

Mendill Organic Towelette Samples - These have been getting major hype in the blogging world and I can now see why these are both organic and I have two scents - Organic lemon and organic tangerine. Each towelette is formulated with essential oils and is 100% organic, you can use them on yourself, your home or just pop them in your bag for those oops moments. 

Dr Bronner's Baby Mild Magic Soap - Unscented baby mild pure castile soap that can be used for a ton of things. Cleansing your face, hair, body, delicates, mixed up for washing dishes, flooring and anything else in between. A little goes a long way with Dr Bronner's soaps and I tend to use the citrus (not through choice) I preferred this version so much better. 

Greenfrog All-Purpose Natural Cleanser 500ml - This product was the star, in my opinion, it's just so incredible. Suitable for kitchen worktops, metalwork, bathrooms and well anything in your home, to be honest, it cleans just as well as the chemical-laden cleansers but is so much more gentle. It also smells incredible as it contains neroli - I adore neroli essential oil and even in perfume. 

Have you ever considered the full effects of the chemical cleansers on you and your family's health? Imagine you spray for example Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner on your fridge-freezer, to clean grubby marks of course. You spray, wipe and leave right? then imagine your dog, child or toddler comes toddling along and pops their chubby hand on to the fridge-freezer for support, children then normally gnaw their hands, pop their chubby fingers in their mouths, rub their eyes and such like. 

Most chemical products leave a residue, you can't see it but believe me it stays put - your toddler has now ingested those chemicals. That's why natural products are the best option, even those with asthma can benefit from changing over as you're no longer breathing in the chemicals from your home. 

TVK donate 10p from every box sold to charity, they allowed their customers to vote and the chosen charity was Greyhound Gap Org - I love that they're giving back and to give back to their customers they also send you a TVK binder for your recipe cards in month three of your subscription. 

You can get your own TVK box by heading over to The Vegan Kind. Your body will thank you for it, I promise. 


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