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Thirties | Fashion Mid-Life Crisis

I don't have any crazy resolutions and over the past few years I've actually accomplished mine which I'm super stoked about, it may sound big-headed but for me, I am really proud that I was strong enough to achieve them - I use to be someone who never finished anything that was started, it frustrated the life out of me but it just came down to confidence as I didn't believe I could do what I set out too. 

Having stopped smoking three years ago, built up my confidence, get my degree, lost weight, got fit and organised my life so that I could achieve more I now find it's smaller resolutions that I plan to tackle. Again I do plan to get more organised, as my life gets incredibly busy organisational skills are a must and as someone who's a serial procrastinator I need to get my butt in gear and sort something out. 

I also continually work on confidence and I try to be the best version of myself for my sons and husband. I've found though as I get older my confidence is knocked by my style not being where I want it to be and my hair - they just don't feel me if that makes sense. My issue is that I bloat like crazy so anything super tailored or with no stretch makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm also 5 foot 1 and my legs are only 29 inches - this means that petite trousers (standard 30 inches) are too long, sometimes far too long even with heels. My hair gets me down because I have a large forehead with a U shaped front (thanks mum), I have two cows-licks which means a fringe doesn't sit right unless it goes really far back and I've tried it and it doesn't look right. 

To fix the issue I'm tackling the style aspect and hoping the hair will follow. When you become a parent and reach your thirties there comes a point where the hipster stuff just isn't right. I still want to look stylish but realise a lot of clothing styles out there make me look crazy ridiculous and I feel it too. Yup I want to look good but I want that sense of 'damn I look good and feel confident' to go with it and with current younger trends I just don't get that. 

I've gone back to the drawing board and taken a look at some of my favourite thirty-year-old celeb's such as Fearne Cotton, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Biel and Natalie Portman and realised that the key to being stylish but sophisticated is shape and texture. 

Clean lines, layering, mixing up the textures and key accessories seem to be the way forward. I do now believe in buying well made key pieces even if they do cost more the whole capsule wardrobe concept also appeals to me too now whereas it didn't at all in my early to mid-twenties. The roll-over outfits are at the top of my 2014 wishlist because they're functional but grown up without being dowdy. I figured I could still retain the fun aspect with accessories such as the Hipanema bracelets below and the cutouts on the boots, I know I could go more colourful also with my footwear and blazers so I'm more than happy about tackling this wardrobe change for 2014. 

What do you think? Did you have a style mid-life crisis, if so how did you tackle it? 

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