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Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail

If you're constantly searching for a product that cleans, brightens and boosts your skin then stop looking because this may be the perfect product. I've actually had this for quite a while but it kind of took a step back eventually hiding itself in my ever burgeoning beauty cupboard. 

I previously blogged about the skincare products by Lulu (the singer) and how absolutely fantastic they were. I  didn't know what to expect from this product initially due to it's name and it's not so clear information. It is however called the 'Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail' and it comes in a 100ml bottle and at first I thought it may have been a highly infused facial cream with vitamins. 

I was wrong but on this occasion I'm really glad. Here's a peek at the product minus the gorgeous little bag it came in... 

What I did find is that this is in fact a liquid, similar I suppose to a toner formula. After cleansing your face you soak your cotton with the liquid and wipe all over the face before you add your serum or moisturiser. 

It works by boosting the skins natural energy production, restoring the skin to it's healthy complexion and youthful plump look and boosting circulation so the signs of fatigue don't show. Between me and you when you apply the lotion it doesn't sting or feel any different - I did find however that my skin looked visibly healthier and glowing the next morning! Like scarily magically healthy, the type of healthy that no other product has given me especially in such a short time scale. 

It costs £24 for the 100ml which sound like a lot but trust me when I say that this will last a long time, I use mine regularly and I don't think I've scratched the surface with this bottle. I, of course, recommend this for all skin types as it's suitable for sensitive skins but especially to those who are noticing visible changes in their skin or those who suffer from breakouts especially acne. B12 is known to help treat acne spots and reduce scarring - this cocktail is chocka-block filled with vitamin B12. 

You can purchase this from the Time Bomb Co website here, Amazon here and QVC here

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