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Wow, I can't believe I had this sitting in drafts. At the moment everything's a bit crazy with Christmas, blogging, schools and the incredible amount of homework they give Primary three children twice a week (yip that's twice a week) and my work outside of blogging. I actually work in PR and Marketing and have recently taken on two more clients which anyone who works in the field will know it's a crazy-crazy amount of work. 

That being said it's made me realise I need to get more organised in all area's of my life and yes that means I get to purchase lots of fabby organisational products and stationery *yay* So I do apologise about this late post. 

I couldn't overlook these amazing products however, they're by Willow Organic who are a company that believes in investing in your skin by using products that are natural and not harmful in any way either immediately or in the future (yup looking at your petrochemicals and parabens). Long story short they're my favourite type of company. 

This is the Super Firming Serum which works to replenish missing moisture and hydration while soothing sensitive and dry skins, It is suitable for all skin types, however. Ingredients include Barbary Fig, Rosehip (one of the best anti-aging ingredients around), Almond and Soothing Aloe Vera - it's a powerful bunch of ingredients, isn't it. 

I found this serum was indeed soothing, I used this prior to my current skin issues and while I used these two products my skin was glowing. Actually, my Twitter profile picture is what my skin looked like while using these products, not to be big-headed but it was 100% better than it is now.  

I used this product after cleansing my face and applied it all over before applying moisturiser and eye cream. It didn't leave my skin feeling greasy like some serums do and it definitely didn't cause any outbreaks which are pretty amazing as most do. To be honest I have no issues with this product as there really isn't anything I would have changed.  

The second product is Super Oil Serum and as the name describes this is a super-duper product. Again this is filled with amazingly beneficial products such as Barberry Fig Oil, Rosehip and Rose Oils. It works in a similar way to the Super Firming Serum but it's aimed more at reducing fine lines and signs of ageing than say firming the skin. 

While I can't say it helped to reduce my wrinkles as before I can say my skin had never looked as good as when I was using these serums. The serum is so soothing on the skin, doesn't cause any irritation and is absorbed quickly and evenly into the skin - don't you hate it when a serum just sits on the skin? *yuck*. This is definitely a bottle of TLC if your skin is looking a bit dull, dry or lackluster I would absolutely suggest this product to give you back a healthy glow. 

You can purchase these products from the Willow Organic website here. Yup they may be more expensive than standard high street products and are investments in themselves but they are so worth it. I do plan to re-purchase these after the Christmas rush as my skin was so healthy and radiant when these were apart of my face care routine. 

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