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Yves Saint Laurent | La Lacque Couture Spicy Collection


Ooh-la-la it's spicy but in a good way, how amazing does this promo shot look? Completely different from what everyone else is doing and just so gorgeous. Orange tones are not really my cup of tea but seeing this has completely changed my mind. I also don't find YSL is a brand that I have that 'oh wow' moment with but, well, you can kind'a see why I'm crushing on this particular collection can't you? 

The colours are pictured below, I could go on to describe them but I think the images speak volumes don't they. 

La Lacque Couture - Eau de Rose, Safran Sultan, Opulente Cannelle, Ambre Gingembre, Poivre Noir and Feuille d'Or (Top Coat). 

That top coat, Ambre Gingembre and Safran Sultan are absolutely crazy amazing. I do like the others but the markets going to be saturated with those shades come January and well, I like to be different. What's your thoughts on this collection and ultimately those orange-amber tones?  

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