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Zoya Naturel Collection 2014

N-uuuuu-des! I love me some nudes and this collection is outstanding. It's the Zoya Naturel Collection which is due for release in America in January 2014, it will probably arrive here around February time to be fair. 

The collection consists of six polishes all in buttery nudes and mauve shades. Each of the polishes offers a full coverage glossy finish and can be worn on their own or coordinated with each of the other shades in the collection. 

How amazing are these shades for the start of a year though? I love New Year not because of the parties or anything as exciting as that, but purely because it's like the slates been wiped and you have a new chance at doing something amazing. I get very purity focussed at the start of a new year in the same way that I did after having each of my sons - kooky I know but it's all me and my Zen loving ways. 

So here's a peek at the darker of the six shades. These are more mauve-purple than the other three, colours include ZP707 Brigitte (Bombshell Mauve Cream), ZP708 Odette (Sultry Maroon Cream) and ZO709 Normani (Sable Mauve Cream). I hate that they use 'ZP' numbers because it makes it feel so formal, there's no real connection to the shade with those formats. 

The lighter of the six and my favourites are these shades. How perfect do they look together? These shades are ZP704 Chantal (French Vanilla Cream), ZP705 Taylor (Light Toffee Cream) and ZP706 Rue (Boudoir Blush Cream). 

I know most of you will have tried Zoya or at least know of the brand, if you don't I can tell you that all Zoya polishes are made without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor. These ingredients are nas-tay let me tell you that so the fact that Zoya has acknowledged that and created these polishes deserves a round of applause. The fact they've created these creamy nudes deserves a big E-hug! 

You can pick these up on January 1st 2014 from Zoya here if you live in the USA and either Nail Care Club here or Nail Polish Direct here

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