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2True // SS14 Nail Trends

What you see here is three nail polishes from 2True, if you look closer then what you're really seeing is three polishes that depict major nail trends for spring-summer 2014. Yes that's right these are going to be huge.

Pictured above is Salon Shine 2True Pro Polish in 'Jessie.' This is a high gloss cream polish that's ah-mazing - like seriously amazing it shocked me. The centre polish in all of it's glorious glittery sparkle is 'Eva.' This is apart of the Sequins Pro collection and finally the third circular polish is Shade 12 which features a new flat brush. 

Jessie pictured above is a one coat polish. Sure you could add another coat but to be completely honest you don't need it because the colour is fully opaque and even in one. Jessie is apart of the berry trend that's hitting the nails of fashionistas for Spring. Red's, purple toned pinks and purple are that pop is where it's at - forget the deeps, gothic and in between shades because they are so AW13. 

The second trend is one you will have noticed already across the market and on this blog, the trend is nude nails. Nude being any shade of beige, creamy latte, mushroom, mauve and creamy skin tones, this is Shade 12 and it's my gorgeous - really reminds me of Nails Inc's Porchester Square with its mushroom, brown and mauve tones. I love the applicator brush on this polish because it coats your nail in one go without resulting in smudges and smears all over your fingertips. This is also a one coat polish. 

The third trend is glitter, spangles and glitz, normally reserved for the darker seasons this year glitter is here to stay *yay* I love glitter so need absolutely no excuse for wearing it day in day out. Normally I can't pull off blue's and green shades but Eva is the exception. This pastel full coverage glitter is absolutely wearable and screams 'springtime' doesn't it. 

I was thoroughly impressed by each of these one coat polishes, I did apply two coats of the Eva glitter but it really wasn't needed as it was full coverage. These performed better than Nails Inc polishes and some China Glaze polishes I own but they are a lower cost option. Eva and Jessie costs just £4 each and Shade 12 costs £1.99 (or two for £3) - if you were to blind test these there's no way you would guess these were low cost polishes. 

You can purchase 2True cosmetics from your local Superdrug store and online. If you fancied picking up either of these shades you can purchase Shade 12 here, Eva here and Jessie here. That's three polishes for less than £10 - awesome huh. 

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