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50 Things About Me | 2014

I despise grapefruit although I secretly want to love it. It just tastes like acid to me. 

I am overly positive - it may even annoy people how positive I tend to be. 

I only joined Twitter so I could try to get Bieber to follow or RT something to make my sons day, he was at that time a major Bieber fan and I bloody tried hard - never got that RT though. 

I hope to move house in 2014 - I'm secretly terrified about that though. 

I had to sign up my youngest son so he can start school in August - this is not good, can't believe my baby is old enough to be going to school.

I adore colours and Pantone's if I'm being P.C. My favourites are mauves and dusky shades and of course, pastels, can't get enough of those candy colours. 

I am only 5ft 1. 

I am sterilised so no more bambinos for me.

I use to want to be a nun when I was younger but realised I didn't follow the religion it was the regulated living and being apart of a close-knit group that appealed to me. Can you imagine how dull it would have been? 

I only started to swear once I had children (not at them of course). 

I'm a traditional chick with a twist of modernism. I believe in finding love, showing respect, being nice, giving up everything for your children and being selfless - to a fault. 

Most people don't 'get' me. 

I'm too helpful, I actually made my resolution last year 'to say no more' as there was a point where I was helping so many people for free and it was thrown back in my face, I felt very used. 

I love sewing. I own a sewing machine and too much fabric but just don't get the time to indulge in it anymore. 

I'm big on learning. I try to learn a new topic or skill every few months if I can. 

If I was to meet you chances are you'd realise I talk too much. 
I was adopted by my grandparents as a baby. It was the best thing that happened to me as a child. 

My grandparents were Hungarian, I could never understand what my granddad use to say.

My favourite movie in 2013 was Mortal Instruments with Lily Cole and Robert Sheehan, I think I watched it at least once a week for about six months. 

I get hurt easily but I get over things fast so it never shows. 

Twitter irks the living daylights out of me. I get overly frustrated at people who follow me to then unfollow when I follow them (banking followers). I also get hurt when I chat with other bloggers, start to get to know them and then they unfollow - how rude. 

I suffer from a multitude of auto-immune disorders. In 2013 I seriously struggled to manage my celiacs disease and plan to focus on this in my blog this year. 

If I won the lottery I would start a charity - I have a deep need to help others especially children, raising money to help various children's charities would make me so happy. 

I'm a proud Scottish woman. I'm all about the tartan and auld lang sign although think the slang the Scottish language sounds horrid on TV. 

I am a bit of a conspiracy theory addict. 

Procrastination is my downfall - I'm easily distracted by emails, pretty images, and websites and find an hour or two of my day just disappears in an instant *oops* 

I can't drive. I do plan to though but I'm a jumpy passenger.

I would absolutely love a pet beagle doggy and have looked for one in the past, they just don't seem too easy to come by. 

I have three sons called Cole, Cooper, and Rome. 

My cousin is my best friend and more like my sister. When we were younger we actually played together (via a mutual friend) and didn't realise we were related (Jerry, Jerry!) 

I can't get enough of Alan Carr and Keith Lemon - they're hilar-freeking-ious!

I saw 'awesome' too much. 

I can't stand when people put 'man' at the end of their sentences 'it's not cool - man' *ugh* 
I'm a snuggle butt (as my kids call it) If it's soft, fluffy or remotely cosy then I'm there. 

Slippers, jumpers, blankets, cushions, socks you name it I have fluffy everything. I get extra cuddles from my boys though *smiles* 

I have a weakness for innovative or pretty packaging (as if you didn't already know that). 

I secretly wish more people would follow me on Bloglovin. 

I wish I had thicker, longer and more stylish hair. 

I'm inspired by people who can get fit and actively do work-outs. I hate working out. 
I love the Kardashians, the mum, however, pisses me off and Khloe and Scott are my favourites. 

Hollyoaks is the only soap I watch. 

I am scared I'll get Alzheimer's when I'm older, my gran had it and passed pretty quickly due to it. I'd hate to ever forget my husband or sons. 

This year marks my tenth wedding anniversary! crazy eh. 

I plan to get a couple of small tattoo's this year. I want a small peace sign on the inside of my arm and the second one I have a few ideas but keep debating parts of it. 

My favourite blogger/vlogger is Kandee Johnson, she's incredibly sweet and I can totally relate to her. She's always so positive and nice and while some people think it's fake I think she's genuinely a nice woman and awesome mum. You can find her blog here, vlog here and her other personal blog here

I once had the opportunity to try out for the Scotland gymnastics team but decided to go out with a boy - this was the only thing I've ever regretted later on in life. 

I sing every single day without fail even though I can't hold a note - like seriously bad. 

I wish I could twerk but I can't. 

I'm allergic to coffee - I use to love coffee so bad, my husband thought I had a coffee addiction. 

I've recently lost one and a half stone just by trying to get a hold on my celiacs disease. I simply don't eat gluten and even though I still eat chocolate the weights still fell off. 

I am actually a really friendly lady, I'd love it if you could come chat. Share your blog links or well anything else really. 

Phew, I really struggled to think of 50 things. I'd love to see your 50 things list, ideally this time next year our lists will be totally different. 

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