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Beautiful REAL Bodies After Pregnancy | My Story

Jade Beall decided to set up a Kickstarter (here) which was successfully funded last July. Her aim was to show what real women's bodies look like rather than what the media wants us to believe they 'should' look like. 

I know after my first son back in 2009 I was sucked into the media's perception. I believed because I was young that my body would spring back and I heard so many accounts of family members who said theirs did just that. Mine didn't. I remember looking down at my stomach after giving birth, I was in the shower half disorientated and half asleep - looking down I was physically sickened by what I saw. I looked like a burns victim as my stretch marks were so bad, you could see the fibres of skin that attached to each other, my stomach had sagged really badly and it just didn't feel right anymore. I realise now that this was because I was duped into believing that the body just springs back, I really wasn't prepared for how big a change my body would go through although I was 100% prepared for having a child. You would think it would be the other way about wouldn't you. 

The months that followed got worse, my life was perfect but I was so sickened by my own body but grateful at the same time. I felt like I'd been fitted with an OAP's body and someone had stolen mine overnight. Long story short I was sent for a consultant on the NHS about getting a tummy tuck - I fell pregnant again and after having my second son I suddenly felt more comfortable being me - my 'ugly' body wasn't so ugly, it was, in fact, amazing and each of those deep stretched skin marks that scattered my torso and thighs was earned in the very best way. I was proud of what my body had given me. 

Over the years I've been all over the place with my body. At times I'm comfortable being me whereas others I feel disgusted in my own skin, the fact is I do have a lot of excess skin - I have to purchase a larger size on my bottom half otherwise the skin 'bulges' and I cannot handle a bumpy silhouette (working on this issue though). My body isn't toned, I have cellulite and my boobs are well let's not really go there. I dress to accentuate what I have so my 'issues' aren't so apparent. 

The thing is had I seen these photo's in 2009 or even a few years back I seriously would have been inspired, grateful and more comfortable in my own body. Crazy that it takes photo's of others to make you feel better isn't it? but the reality is we are human and that's what drives us. I'm so sick of seeing airbrushed models, celebrities and such like being touted as 'having their bodies back', 'buy out magazine and see the incredible weight loss' ' X lost X stone in only 30 days! you can too.' Even when you think it doesn't bother you, somewhere in your conscious it has too, I know it did me and I didn't even realise that until earlier on today. 

All I'm suggesting is to take a moment, look at the pictures below and I mean REALLY look at the pictures below. They aren't disgusting, they aren't shocking and they certainly aren't pornography - they are beautiful... 
Source - All pictures owned by Jade Beall. 

I know I feel normal now, I know I would actually take part in a photoshoot like this whereas I'd never have done so even last week. I may even do so on this blog sometime soon.  Yes, some people get through pregnancy without a scratch but for the majority, we have some sort of tell-tale sign that we grew and gave birth to a beautiful baby. 

I love that Jade decided to do this Kickstarter, her aim was to showcase the natural body and she did it so beautifully. She does plan to keep the project going, showing beautiful women who have gone through cancer, eating disorders and other taboo topics. You can check out her blog - A Beautiful Body Project blog here. I absolutely recommend you do, it's wonderful. 


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