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Bobbi Brown & L’Wren Scott // Amnesia Rose Collection

Bobbi Brown creates beautiful classic cosmetics that are vintage and classic girls beauty dream. The packaging is always chic, the formula of their products is always glossy, creamy and lush and they're popular across the world. 

This collection, however, throws everything out of the window. The collaboration between Bobbi Brown and L'Wren Scott is incredible! I am in love! 

The Amnesia Rose Spring Collection is inspired by the amnesia roses grown by L'Wren herself at her château in Loire Valley (oooh get her), it's due to be unveiled at the London Fashion Week show and then will hit the market shortly after - oooh I am excited. 

The collection includes this absolutely amazing (it's so amazing, right?) Amnesia Rose Palette. The palette includes product suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks in shades of mauve, lilacs, and heathers; accented with brighter violets and deeper mulberry shades which were also inspired by the beautiful amnesia roses.  

Included in the palette is...

Amnesia Rose Eye Shadow, Pink Lilac Sparkle Eye Shadow, Silver Lilac Sparkle Eye Shadow, Iron Eye Shadow, Ultra Violet Shimmer Eye Shadow, Mulberry Eye Shadow, Sand Pink Blush, and Desert Rose Pot Rouge *sigh*   

Lip Colours still maintain the classic soft-matte formula but they come in four new shades. These colours are the perfect shades of nude, mauve, and Lilly and are called Cosmic Lily, Wine, Heather Mauve and Vintage Red.  I love Cosmic Lily - who else is feeling the love for that shade? 

The Long-Wear Eye Pencil and Smoky Eye Mascara both come in the one shade only. The Eye Pencil comes in 'Smoke' which is supposed to be the perfect charcoal grey tone to compliment the purples and mauves in the collection, it also makes the perfect smoky eye candidate. The mascara comes in black which is pigmented by kohl to create a blacker than black effect. You simply can't go wrong with black though can you? 

So what do you make of this? I bet you're eyeing up the palette - I know I am. Once it's launched in February you will be able to pick it up over on the Bobbi Brown website here


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