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Brit Stitch // Valentine's Day Collection

Not sure what delights your partner may surprise you with for Valentine's Day? Do you buy yourself a love day gift? I don't normally bother about the 14th but as soon as I saw the latest additions to the Brit-Stitch family I swiftly changed my mind. 

The With Love From collections is launching on February 3rd and consists of the Half Pint bag, Heart Shaped Luggage Tag and Coin Purse. I adore the colours and the heart shapes on them and overall they're just a sweet little bags aren't they. I'm not too fussed about the luggage tag or coin purse but I do seriously want to own the Poppy Red and White bag (top left). The other colour ways are Chintz Rose with Jazzy and Jazzy with Chintz Rose and all bags are made using leather. 

Prices start from £15 to £75 and don't worry if you don't receive one of these on the 14th as the collection will be available all year. It's not quite the same though is it if you get one in say August compared to February though - these however would make super cute bridesmaid gifts or anniversary gifts too. 

If you're looking for some thrifty buys however, I have started a separate page which has been named the 'Offer Calendar' basically I decided to hold all of the exclusive coupon codes, sales, launches and offers on the one page. I know it's easy to read about a launch and then forget all about it once you come off the internet, by having the easy clickable calendar on the one page I hope this will help you to keep on track with the best places to grab a bargain. 

The offers calendar will never include paid placements so if you know of a good sale, an up and coming sale or want to let me know of your blog sale or charity sale please email me and I'll include it in the calendar. It's a work in process so it's not fully complete yet but you can check it out by clicking the image below which is also housed on the right hand side blog bar on the main page. 

You can check these out on their release over on the Brit-Stitch website here. Which colourway is catching your eye? 


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