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Ciate // Dolls House Collection

Ciate are launching the cutest polish collection ever this February, it was not too long ago I blogged about the Nails Inc Nude Collection but I pointed out that the collection wasn't so much as nude as it was pastel. A lot of you agreed with that statement and I do still stick to that as it is definitely pastel isn't it. 

Ciate's Dolls House Collection is marketed as being a pastel collection inspired by the likes of Alexander Wang and Prada, the delicate shades of a doll and the style of the runway. Although these are pastel polishes they definitely have more of a nude-pastel quality to them especially when compared to the Nude Nails Inc Collection. 

Each of the polishes are formulated to give the wearer a semi-matte porcelain finish that's both delicately coloured and wearable on any occasion. There's five mini polishes in the collection and the packaging is so sweet. Like so sweet you may get a cavity sweet. The polishes included in the collection are; Poppet (Lilac), Doll Face (Nude), Paper Doll (White), Sweet Pea (Mint Green) and Baby Doll (Pink). 

It's available in the US right now but once it's launched in the UK you'll be able to pick it up on the Ciate website here. So who's in? I'm completely sold on it because you can't go wrong with naturals and nudes can you - price per usage on these polish shades are far more thrifty than the neons or seasonal shades. 

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