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Ciate I Love You // Chocolate Collection

The post titles says it - I love chocolate. Most people do but then there's those who love chocolate but don't like anything else to be chocolate scented, not me though because I could literally wallow in a bath of chocolate scented bubbles with a chocolate face mask, sudded up with chocolate shampoo and eating the biggest bar of chocolate ever. 

You can imagine my delight when I heard that Ciate has unveiled a chocolate inspired range I was like 'take my money... now!' No joke I've never been so blooming excited about a nail polish remover in my life. So as you've guessed this collection contains four chocolate infused scented nail polish remover, not only will they smell fab they'll also nourish your nails somewhat (well as much as a remover will do) because they are acetone free - the non drying formula contains Vitamins B5 and Vitamin E which are nourishing and repairing alone. 

Scents are white chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate and orange chocolate. I really want to smell the dark chocolate but I'm worried it would make me high because I'd be wanting to sniff it all day (don't do that at home kids). I'm not too fussed about the white chocolate and the orange chocolate although I'm betting those two are the best of the bunch - it's ironic isn't it. 

These aren't available yet but Ciate still has a sale on here. I have purchased the Ciate Caviar Manicure in Lemon Fizz (rrp £18) for £5 and the full sized Butterscotch for (rrp £9) £4

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