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Ciate Tweed Collection // Available Now

I've not tried these polishes purely because I've never been a huge fan of the feathered, hairy or strand type finishes. Liquid sand finishes yup I love them, anything else I'm not too keen on especially after the Models Own Velvet Goth and Nails Inc Beaded Polishes *shudders* I know you're probably thinking, 'why the heck's she blogging about them then?' 

Well the reason for that is featured up the top of this post... those swatch pictures. The Tweed Collection isn't like every other brand trying to pull off a feather look - this strangely enough does look like Tweed? I love tweed especially when done right so to have the option of nail tweed's pret-tee amazing. While I've not purchased yet I do plan to after pay day. 

Top: Sloaney, Sweetie / Couture Noir / It's Haute in Here
Bottom: Brocade Parade / Need For Tweed / Meet Me in Mayfair 

The collection comprises of six polishes with a highly pigmented long lasting formula. They were launched this month and cost £9 each.  The shades available are... 

  • Need For Tweed - An explosion of aqua, navy and a dash of lemon. 

  • Sloaney, Sweetie - Pastel pinks mixed with Sterling Silver in a stranded glitter. 

  • It's Haute in Here - Flecked glitter for an explosion of monochrome with a dash of pillar box red. 
  • Meet Me in Mayfair - Flecks of pastel pink and lemon with a hint of classic black. 
  • Couture Noir - Classic monochrome with a splash of silver. 
  • Brocade Parade - Mixed lilac and classic black with hints of white. 

Which is your favourite? I think I'm going to go for Brocade Parade but Meet Me in Mayfair was a close second, I just can't shake those gold glitzy crimbo shades. Damn it I just won't let them go. You can pick these up of course on the Ciate website here

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  1. Hii! I bought the need for tweed the other day, and i was woundering i did you get it to be so dense? Because when i out mine one, it just looks super disperse... did you use a colored base coat? Thank you! And please visit my blog :)


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