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Deborah Lippmann // UK Relaunch

Did you know Deborah Lippmann were relaunching in the UK? No neither did I until recently. I suppose I had my head in the clouds when it came the prestigious polish brand, I truly believe that Deborah Lippman was only stocked in a minority of stores online and this may have been due to the UK market not being particularly important to the overall scope of the brand. 

Anyways that turned out to be poop and now they are placing focus on re-branding for the UK market *yay* I've tried the brand once - shocking I know. I'm excited that there's going to be more opportunity to get our talons on their awesome formula and shades, aren't you? 

Yup I do wish they were cheaper, at £16 for the crèmes, shimmers and non-glittery shades  and £18 for the glitter, top and base coats they're not cheap. I know I'd be especially miffed if I purchased a shade that looked horrendous but I suppose it's all part of the fun isn't it, finding beautiful new shades that finish off your look, boost your confidence or show your personality. 

There will be fifty long wearing shades re-launched including crème, shimmers and glitter finishes. Oh not to forget there shall be nail treatments too. If you're as excited as I am you'll be glad to know that they launch this week at Selfridges here

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