Dior | Spring 2014 Trianon Collection

I don't have a release date yet for the U.K but this just launched in the US - I've been told by a good stockist that it's possibly due out around the beginning of February and of course I'll keep you updated on the actual date as I find out. 

I find that most of Dior's recent collections all look pretty much the same at first glance, that is until you take a moment to eyeball the products and then you'll find yourself saying 'ooh I like that, and that, and that, ooh and that one too!' by the end I find I've fallen in love with a collection that's pretty much the same as their last but completely different also. Yup, it makes sense to me. Anyone who feels the need to purchase the last collection and this one will totally get me.

Here's the makeup porn pics guys... 
5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette // Dulcine (324) Limited Edition. 

Dior Blush Powder // Corail Bagatelle (763) Limited Edition. 

Dior Fusion Mono Matte Eyeshadows // Nocturne (091), Fantaisie (641), Mirage (761)

Addict Gloss // Petillante (442), Exquise (772) Both are limited editions. 

Rouge Lipstick // Rose Crinoline (531), Allegresse (774) Both are limited editions. 

Vernis Nail Enamel // Blossom (132), Pampille (192), Porcelaine (204), Bloom (777) & Perle Matte Topcoat (187)

Fusion Mono Eyeshadow // Rosee (141) Limited Edition. 

So what're your thoughts? are you loving or hating the pastel trend? Once released you will be able to purchase these beauts from Escentual Escentuals


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