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Diptyque | Rose Collection

Roses are red, Violets are blue I really want Diptyque from you. 

OK so I'm no poet but I do appreciate a good rose scent, bunch of roses or a rose inspired gift. When I was younger rose products reminded me of old people but as I get older I can absolutely see the beauty in the flower and what it stands for. Instead of carrying me off to a vision of old people's homes where the norm is to see talc everywhere and knitted dolly covers for toilet rolls, it takes me to my youth, where my dad would help me to make rose petal perfume in old Elizabeth Duke Jewellery boxes (Argos). My dad was the best. 

Two years ago Diptyque launched it's Eau Rose perfume which was a huge hit with consumers. so this year they decided to extend the collection with some more Rose based products. It's actually just launched so you can purchase any of these right now - how strange is it for me writing about a purchase now product range. 

Eau Rose body lotions (body veil), hand lotion a limited edition Rosa Mundi candle are the products that are joining the Rose ranks but there are a few older products that Diptyque sell that are also rose scented or inspired. I decided to include these in the wishlist below so you could choose your favourite product rather than just finding out about some new range products. Of course, the older products are slightly cheaper and do the same thing *winks* 

Eau Rose Hand Lotion (£20) / Eau Rose Body Veil Lotion (£32) / Rosa Mundi Candle (£42) / Eau Rose Roll On Perfume (£32) / Eau Rose Perfume (£65) / Roses Scented Oval (£32) / Roses Mini Travel Candle (£20) / Roses Candle (£40) / Roses Room Spray (£36) 

Rose essential oils work amazingly on the hair, body and skin and offer the wearer a few benefits; anti-ageing, calming, mood-boosting, aphrodisiac, antiseptic and inflammation-reducing as well as reducing stress-related hormone irregularities (in small quantities) of course these products are only going to benefit you in a small way but a treat is a treat and that alone tends to make people feel amazing, happy and special in one go - that's benefit enough if you ask me. 

You can purchase any of these over on the Diptyque website as well as the rest of their product catalogue. I definitely recommend the brand as a gift idea purely because they are so classic, beautiful and show that you really care and love someone, especially if you're willing to drop £40 on a candle. It's not every day you can really go and spend that on one candle, is it? Valentine's Day is a day for appreciating those you love, whether you go all out and spent lots of money or you simply pick some flowers for the garden. 


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