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Hurraw For HURRAW! Available In The UK Now

HURRAW! has arrived in the UK. 

If you're a lip balm connoisseur chances are you've heard of this American brand before, if not HURRAW is an organic, vegan and raw lip balm brand that is pretty major across the pond. They use amazing ingredients that not only offer your lips the long term benefits of softness and kissability but they're not going to cause you any untoward long term health issues. 

The balms contain barks, roots, fruit zest, raw seeds, and pods to give you that amazing taste and softness. Some are tinted with natural colour and I so badly want to try out the red cinnamon version. The latest flavours in the range include the Cinnamon one that I want, as well as Licorice and also Chocolate and Almond. 

Although the chocolate and almond sound absolutely lush to doesn't it? ah dammit, I don't know which I'd go for now. I'm definitely going to pick up one to try out so will report back but if you fancy getting your mitts on one they're only £3.99 and you can purchase them from My Pure and also on Ebay

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