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Japonesque | Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo

Would you believe this is my first time owning anything from Japonesque? Crazy isn't it but my wishlist and more so the brand list is as long (if not longer) than my arm so it's going to take me some time. I do find with certain brands I'm utterly shocked that it's taken me so long to get round to purchasing. 

Japonesque create review worthy products - in fact. I urge you to read other reviews on their products because you will see a pattern happening and that is they are consistently good all round. The product I have pictured above is their Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Duo. 

The compact contains two shades that can be worn together or alone. I adore the beige - adore I!. But, and it's a big but the reason why I'm posting this without a swatch picture (or at least before I manage to upload one) is because of the absolutely amazing compact it comes in. Look at it and you'll see what I mean... 

Beautiful isn't it. A real work of art. 

This duo is created with a high level of pigmentation and both of the shadows have a different finish. The beige/nude shade is a suede-matte finish and the gorgeous blue is a bold colour with a shimmering quality. I stupidly forgot to take a photo of my swatches - changing from one mobile to another I've been more than unhappy with the camera on my iPhone so I promise to update this post this weekend with those pictures. 

Overall I'm totally enamoured by the brand and I've only tried this eye shadow duo, I know that's pretty crazy but you know when you know don't you. There are ten shades to choose from and they cover everything from greens, mauves, slate and browns. The compact I have is 'Shade 5' Now which will I try next? 

You can purchase Japonesque products including this from John LewisI of course fully recommend it, especially if you love niche packaging. 


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