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Lime Crime // The Clueless Witch Collection

So excited by this news! just a quickie post with the deets guys.  

Lime Crime announced that they were launching a range of Goth-a-tines in March. The line is supposed to be influenced by our generations favourite movies; The Craft, Coven, and Clueless. 

Following on from their mega-top selling Velvetines this range is darker, more sultry but still leaves you with that highly pigmented super soft matte pout. You really can't beat the formula, can you? 

There's no swatches or PR pics yet because they'll be previewing the range only at the IMATS L.A (So wish I was going) If you are they'll be in Booth 129. There are three shades in the range which are Wicked (deep dark red), Black Velvet (black) and Salem (chocolate brown). 

You've probably also guessed that the March launch date is in fact purely for USA customers but I'm hoping they'll come over here - SOON. In the mean time you can get your UK Lime Crime fix from these three retailers. 

Cocktail Cosmetics here , Love Make Up here or CutE COsmetics here

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