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Lipstick Queen // Vesuvius Liquid Lips

Lipstick Queen is launching their new Vesuvius Liquid Lips collection this February. The collection consists of six gorgeous shades of liquid lipstick which offer high glossy shine and moisturising formula. I have to say I love the look of some of the Lipstick Queen lippies - the brighter the better. I've noticed mostly that the standalone lipsticks are better shades than say the gift packs. Had I come across these Liquid Lips I would have absolutely chosen these over the lipsticks that they offer. 

The thing is I normally look at a new collection and contemplate whether it's something I'd part with my cash for, normally I swither because I'm not sure if they're really going to perform like they're marketed as - Lipstick Queen lipsticks and these Liquid Lips I absolutely have no qualms about their performing ability because the brand does make good on its promises... always. There are only a few brands I can really say that for with those being,  Lipstick Queen, Illamasqua, Lime Crime and MAC Creme formulas. 

The shades available will be Vesuvian Bare (shimmery nude-gold), Vesuvian Coral (bright fiery coral), Vesuvian Red (scarlet red), Vesuvian Blush (smouldering natural peach), Vesuvian Candy (warm elegant pink) and Vesuvian Fuchsia (scorching hot pink). 

These will cost £22 and are available from Space NK here on pre-order right now. According to their website, they're expected to become available for shipping on February the 14th. Must be love right? 


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