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Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow | Perfect Smoky Eye

I've blogged about Living Nature and their products quite a few times before. This time around I've been reviewing their eyeshadows, this is a first for me as I've only tried their skincare products which were fantastic. 

Slate Eyeshadow is a new addition to Living Nature Mineral Makeup Range if you've tried mineral makeup products before you'll totally get it when I say I've always been blown away by the results I get and how comfortable it feels on the skin. I also find that mineral makeup doesn't cake or settle into the creases while a lot of other brands do. 

Slate is exactly just that, a matte black slate tone that can be built up layer by layer making it the perfect addition to your makeup collection, especially if you're a smoky eye lover. I adore a smoky eye and I've talked about it so many times before because it's a timeless look that's never going out of style. I also personally use this as a liner during the day because sometimes I like to go naked (well to be perceived as looking this naturally flawless while it's actually taken a heap of products - I know you get me). 

This isn't how the eyeshadow would normally come packaged, it's came pictured above purely because it's a PR sample. I found the eyeshadow was soft, easy to apply and unlike a lot of blacks it actually was build-able. Here's a quick swatch of the layers being built, it blends really easily and doesn't fall out onto your cheeks - don't you hate that when dark eyeshadows do that.  

Certified natural I love that I don't have to worry about nasties especially due to having sensitive eyes. If you wear glasses or just have sensitive eyes you're going to be able to wear this shade and the rest of the range - promise. If you're just starting out with makeup application or haven't yet mastered the smoky eye Living Nature have popped up a YouTube video showing how it's done step by step, you can check it out here

There are ten eyeshadows in the range and each eyeshadow costs £11. Botanical Brands are the UK stockists of Living Nature and you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter. They host lots of awesome giveaways and of course, you can enquire about products, purchasing and the Living Nature brand directly on their social media websites. 


Statement: PR Sample

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