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Lush 2014 | Valentine's Day Goodies

Lush is going all neon for Valentine's Day this year. Well, not really it's more so the packaging that's neon and the products are getting their love on with rose scents, various shades of pink and products that are all about the body and can be shared. 

I know you want to see what's up for grabs so starting with the singular products and moving into the gift boxes this is what you have to look forward too...

Prince Charming Shower Gel (£4.65/100ml) - Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice blended with a cocktail of marshmallow root, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you into the sunset.  Fragrance is blended with sandalwood, grapefruit and geranium oils. 

Neon Love Soap (£4.25) This limited edition soap is suppose to be uplifting. It contains Bergamot and Rosewood which create a rich almost aphrodisiac quality, the fresh figs, passion fruit and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin. 

The Kiss Lip Gloss (£5.75) Whipped luxurious and protective this reminds me of strawberry milkshake but for the lips. It's preservative free and gives the lips a touch of colour, the Fair Trade Shea butter and Cupuacu work at softening your lips ready for the Valentine's Day kiss-a-thon. Keep it P.G peeps. 

Tender is the Night Massage Bar (£6.50) Out of all of the products this is the most sensual and probably one of the one's your partners going to appreciate, especially if they're not a Lushie. While it contains floral essential oils it can be used by both sexes - let's be honest who's going to turn down a sensual massage? Not me that's for sure. Oh this will be a permanent product *yay* massages all year. 

Close To You Massage Bar (£5.50) Would you believe this was inspired by the Jammie Dodger biscuit? Regardless of it's initial inspiration this is a super cute product and one I would automatically veer towards, it's made with Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute so I know hubster would love a massage with this product too. 

Love Locket Bath Bomb (£6.95) This was inspired by the locket necklaces that contain photographs of the ones you love. In the same way, you have to open this 'Love Locket' bath bomb to reveal the secrets hidden within. How ca-yoot! This is something I want to try simply because of it's perfectness and it looks like milkshake again doesn't it. I normally don't bother about bath bombs either. 
Toucan Love (£10.95) This is one of the cheaper gift sets and contains two cute products as shown above. Close To You massage bar and a Tisty Tosty bath bomb which contains rose buds - if this doesn't scream lets scrub each clean in the bath then I don't know what will. 

Neon Love (£17.95) I'm sold on this one, it's so good. Included in this gift set is a Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, From Dusk 'til Dawn massage bar and an awesome red FUN bath dough and a limited edition Neon Love Soap. 

Lots Of Love (£26.50) Lushies are going to go wild for this one especially given that it comes in a reusable box. Products include the limited edition Neon Love Soap, Tender is the Night Massage Bar, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and Prince Charming Shower Gel. The products in this are very Valentine's Day themed, personally I'd have loved to have seen a serene box option, something a bit feminine but then again the theme isn't about that is it. 

Do Knot Disturb Knot Wrap (£3.95) The eco friendly and multi-functional wrap. You can wrap up your Valentine's gifts in this retro inspired wrap cloth. After opening it can be used as a scarf too. I love this print and it would be something I'd buy at any time of the year. 

Love Bug Knot Wrap (£2.95) How cute........ While it's not something I'd buy just for wrapping a gift I absolutely appreciate the kookiness and the cuteness of this wrap. 

So what do you think? Will you be asking your loved one for anything or treating yourself? They're all available just now over on Lush if you fancy stocking up. 


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