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MAC Cosmetics // Collaborating With The Osbourne's

I love-love-love Kelly Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne - like seriously. I wish they'd adopt me. I love Kelly's sense of style and her inner confidence, let's not forget her hair *sigh* Mrs O is equally awesome and I fell in love with her all over again when watching her as a judge on X-Factor last year. 

I was am absolutely stoked to hear that they're collaborating with MAC Cosmetics on a summer line. Kelly's Instagram published a picture of a silver cased lipstick but no ideas on shades as of yet. I'm guessing they are going to be a bright red and some purple toned shades - I'll be upset if there's no purple especially with Kelly having a penchant for lilac and purple. The lipsticks will be Kelly's baby. 

Sharon, on the other hand, will be releasing eyeshadows. Quadra Palettes to be exact and she posted a quick snap of a palette which shows nudes and chocolate shades. Mrs O is absolutely all about the smoky eye so these shades would correlate with her own style. Blacks, browns, nudes and more classic shades are where I think she'll take her line. 

Apparently, Cosmo will get the exclusive scoop on both the lines so we should see more images around May time. The collection is set to launch in America in June so here's hoping it will make it's the way here around the same time. 

You can check out MAC Cosmetics here if you fancy it. The Metallic Nudes and Punk Couture Collections are now available - be quick though.


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