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MAC | Feminine Face Spring Collection

MAC Feminine Face Collection is all about getting your base right for spring. While it's not the most awe-inspiring collection it is, however, a very important and multi-functional collection. 

This time around there's not huge lists of products, as you can see from the photo's there are four products which are Prep + Prime Natural Radiance primer, Mineralize Moisture Foundation, Mineralize Skin Finish and a small duo fibre Face Brush.

The Mineralize Skinfinish comes in three shades and will give you a gorgeous healthy look by highlighting your best features and polishing your face (yup I too am imagining someone getting their face polished with cleanser and a rag). The shades are Gold Deposit (soft reflective golden beige), Lightscape (soft beige with multi-dimensional shimmer) and Soft and Gentle (gilded peach bronze). 

Prep + Prime Natural Radiance is a silky gel that applies easily and hydrates and primes the skin. It contains Vitamin E and C and protects the skin, caffeine calms and eases fine lines temporarily. The pearl powders brighten the skin and highlight certain areas making you looked more toned, chiselled and awesome! 

Mineralize Moisture Foundation aims to blur your imperfections - who doesn't want to blur and smooth their icky bits? It has a satin finish and while I've not tried it yet I am pretty intrigued. There are a hefty eighteen shades to choose from so you should get one to match and it contains SPF25 which is pretty fantastic. 

The small Duo Fibre Face Brush is just that, a lightweight circular brush that can be used for applying powder cosmetics as well as cream and liquids. It's made from both goat and synthetic fibres and really makes professional blending easy. I fully believe the right tools get the right results and MAC brushes do just that - help create professional looks. 

You will be able to get this from MAC Cosmetics, it's been released in America but I'm not sure of the UK date yet. 


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  1. Great post! I can't wait now!
    It looks like a great collection! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  2. Ohhh I'm all about the face right now, I'll keep my eye out for this.


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