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Mehron // Celebre Precious Gem Powders

I got quite a few bits and bobs from Mehron just before Christmas and while I could just do a whole Mehron post I really wanted to do individual posts and you'll see why in a moment. 

This was my first foray into the professional beauty brand and I wasn't disappointed, I had been wanting to dabble in professional beauty for a while because I was getting sick and tired of having to re-apply layer upon layer of make-up to get a really vibrant opaque colour. I could have gone down the MAC route but I wanted to try something new and Mehron kept popping up mostly on American blogs. Having a search about I found a company called Treasure House who sell brands such as Mehron, Ben Nye and Graftobian. 

These products aren't your run of the mill generic products and are suited to professional makeup artists and even clowns, nope I'm no clown but I do appreciate a well-made product - these Celebre Precious Gem Powders are extremely well made, have a peek at the four swatches... 


Each of the powders comes in a shaker pot. You just shake it up and down and some of the powder dispenses into the lid, using your brush you then apply as you would any mineral eyeshadow product. I did have a bit of an oops moment when I first tried these out as I dove right in with my brush as I had done before with high street branded loose powders - big mistake. These are so pigmented that I looked shocking, a little goes a long way. 

Having another go I found using a little bit of product was key, the swatches above are using a little bit of powder in one layer. Normally I'd have to layer then apply another layer or two to get this level of colour. Had I gone over these the colour would have been fully opaque with the exception of Opal due to it being a shimmery opalescent shade. 

The colours are Opal (fairy light silver, pinks, and blue shimmer), Black Onyx (this looks like crushed diamonds in coal, black and silver shimmer), Amethyst (aubergine, plum and silver sparkles) and Topaz (Gold with a hint of copper sparkles). There are another 9 shades in the range which include Turquoise, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Aquamarine and Sapphire. 

They blend like a dream! Amethyst and Black Onyx look amazing in a smoky eye and Opal look incredible with everything, it's my favourite Gem Powder out of the lot of them. You can wear these wet also, I really should have swatched those wet - I shall update this as soon as I do that. If you're a fan of Illamasqua's Molten Metal creams then Topaz is oh so much better. You see the swatch above, imagine that wet, imagine how much more vibrant that would be and then factor in that these Gem Powders don't leave creases on your eyes and the colour doesn't fade within the hour you can see why I would choose this over Illamasqua any day (I still love Illamasqua though don't get me wrong). 

I kinda feel like I discovered the next wonder of the world - it's an awesome feeling. The negative point I now want every single colour *sigh*  If you're feeling the gem urge from the swatch porn above you can get these from Treasure House who is the official UK Mehron Store here. They also only cost £6.40 each which is a bargain! 


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