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Michael Kors // Sporty, Sexy, Glam Perfumes

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for a change. A change of wardrobe, makeup, mind and even fragrances. Valentine's Day, weddings, parties, holidays you name it we've got it all coming and I know I like to wear something a bit more flirty, lighter and feminine for this season going forward. 

I've always coveted Michael Kors but I've never owned anything by the brand. I've seen a ton of images of the Michael Kors beauty and fragrance and not felt jealous as such because it's a pointless emotion but I did definitely feel the need to own something - and - quickly. You can imagine my squeals of delight when Mrs. Postwoman (she's awesome) arrived with my parcel containing three perfumes from the new collection which is called Sporty, Sexy and Glam. 

Sporty is a citrus based fragrance that is described as being 'Active, Daring Exciting, Cool and Adventurous. Sporty is a clean scent that's going to be loved by those who like some zing and less sexiness. Keynotes include Mandarin, Orange Flower and Patchouli - I don't smell the patchouli and personally, it reminds me of delicate mandarin and a touch of salty sea waves. It's fresh, light and a great option for  working out and keeping fit. (I know crazy but just go with it.) 

Sexy is well, it's a sexy scent that can be described as 'Confident, Captivating, Passionate, Provocative and Unforgettable. Sexy is a sensual fragrance that feels like home. It's warm, smooth and comforting in the best sort of way and includes notes such as Amber, Sandalwood and Jasmine. Sexy is my type of scent and is wearable both day to night, I love scents that leave me feeling powerful and confident and yup I may even feel the need for singing 'boom chicka wow wow' when I apply this. 

And then there's Glam. Glam is a strange one to describe personally simply because it changes on the dry down. It's described by some as being 'Indulgent, Feminine, Alluring, Dazzling and Stunning' and key notes include Jasmine, a lot of Jasmine, White Flowers, Cassis a hint of Sandalwood.  On other's this smells smooth, flowery and powdery which can come across as being feminine and beautiful. On me however, it starts of being quite light and flowery which then turns into a heady mess. I've tried so many times to get this to work on it's own but I doubt it mixes with my body chemistry - however, spritz this before spritzing on Sexy and you've found an absolute gem of a fragrance I promise you. 

Not only do the fragrances have lasting power, but they also smell real. I went off designer fragrances for a while simply because they had started to all smell the same and on occasion, they smelled too chemical laden. I was pleasantly surprised by all three of these because they really smell like genuine perfumery blends with real notes and a really long lasting fragrance and that's saying something because my olfactory system is pretty snobby. 

Also you know me and my penchant for packaging and these bottles have ticked all boxes. They're classy and sophisticated, I mean gold riveted lids - can't really beat those little details can you, each of the fragrances takes on a slightly different hue which leaves these looking like works of art in my opinion. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner these would make amazing gifts for your loved ones or even yourselves (guys take note). Of course which option will you go for? Sporty, Sexy or Glam? The perfumes come in three sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml's. Prices are £38, £55 and £75 and are available from Debenhams here


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