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My Favourite Three Beauty Products

I have been a bit lackadaisical when it comes to updating you with my newest purchases so I thought I would get on top of it by doing a series of favourite three's. These items are my current favourites because they have impressed me with their quality. So to start you off here is my absolute favourites and newest purchases.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette - 50ml 
Notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Violet Leaf, Orange Blossom, musk and amber's.

The Body Shop launched their first range of 100% organic fragrances, using organic essential oils and fair trade alcohols they have come up with a collection that has ignited my senses and that of other bloggers who have a penchant for high-quality perfumes.

So far the fragrances in the Scents of the world collection are Indian night jasmine, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Madagascar Vanilla Flower, Atlas Mountain Rose and Amazonian wild Lilly. I have sniffed the rose and it did smell like a true fresh rose and I would love to smell the Japanese cherry blossom also but the Indian night jasmine is really out of this world in regards to it's scent, throw and lasting power.

This fragrance lasts all afternoon and dries down to a powdery delicate fragrance, it has a sultry sexy appeal and is suitable for day wear but I feel that it's more of an evening to night time scent. The Body Shop describe it as being a 'floriental, seductive and feminine scent' which really described Indian night jasmine to a tee.

This fragrance costs £15 for 50ml

Essie Mini Nail Polishes

I love these mini polishes as they are so cute and easy to pop in to your handbag. I find that when I buy nail varnishes they tend to go off before I can really fully use them up, these minis stop that from happening. The three colours that I chose recently where

Super Bossa Nova: This is a fuchsia/purple colour which looks iridescent. When you apply it and then move your nail it has a silvery/purple undertone which really looks gorgeous. (you will see it on my index finger on the Etude House polish below).

Braziliant: Braziliant is a gorgeous orange shade  but with a metallic pink undertone. Just like Super Bossa Nova this colour looks amazing on the nail and changes colour tones depending on how you move your hands.

Smooth Sailing: This is a nautical blue tone with silvery metallic undertones. This blue reminds me more of a blue/grey similar to a French blue and looks amazing paired with both the Braziliant and the Super Bossa Nova.

Essie nail polish is expensive but I have found that it has real lasting power, the colours always give a professional look to the nails regardless of your polish applying skills. You can find Essie across the net but be sure to double check if buying from eBay as there are a heap of copies available to buy.

Left to right: Braziliant, Smooth Sailing & Super Bossa Nova

Etude House

Now I'm not sure if this is a Korean brand and if I am wrong, please excuse my stupidity. I saw these cute polishes online and instantly fell in love. The colour I have at the moment is the PK012 from the VIP Girl range. The colour originally said red, so I thought it could have been a pastel red tone but when it came and I swatched it I found that it was pink instead.

However, Etude House gain points for their cuteness and quirky packaging ideas, look at how cute this bottle is. The polish itself is easy to apply but it does rub off the nails easily, so I would advise using a great top coat. I also needed 3 layers due to the transparency of the polish.

Etude polish on all nails with 3 coats. My index finger which has Super Bossa Nova by Essie in 1 coat. 

What are your latest favourite purchases?


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  1. all those nailvarnishes look lovely! really want some new colours for autumn nails! :)


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