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Nicole By Opi & Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Collections

Just drink in the pretty polish porn... 

Okies that's enough. Time for the serious stuff, two spring collections by Nicole by OPI - one, however, is a celebrity collaboration. These are due for release in the U.S around the end of January-February time and I'm hoping they'll make their way here - hoping. 

The formula is supposed to be sugar like which I'm guessing is going to be somewhat like a fine liquid sand type texture. There are eight gorgeous candy shades in the range and I love them, I have to admit I have never been sold on the Nicole by OPI brand; so much so I've never even tried their polishes but these two collections changed my mind (hence the post today). 

A-Nise Treat - Shimmery licorice. 
Blue-Berry Sweet On You - True blueberry shimmer.
Candy is Dandy - Sweet shimmery pink. 
My Cherry Amour - Shimmery magenta. 

I Lilac Gumdrops - Sugary frosted-glittery lavender. 
That's What I Mint - Shimmery emerald green.
Lemon Lolly - Bright limited edition sunshine yellow.
Cinna-man of My Dreams - Shimmery warm pink. 

Pretty eh or more like pretty amazing. I know liquid sand and texture polish haters are well, going to hate but if you like a bit of rough then I'd say give it a go. which shade would you opt for? does anyone else find that they veer towards limited edition shades just because of the limited edition tag? I do - it's one of my many downfalls plus that yellow is too pretty especially for Spring. 

Now onto the second collection. It's a collaboration with Carrie Underwood who's a major country-pop music star in the USA (and here but you may not have heard of her) here's her promo shot just so you can jog your memory. 

I adore this collection more than the Gumdrops (oh gosh I feel like I'm cheating on Gumdrops though) only because it has the glitter sparkle, the feminine blush shades and the brighter pops of colour - it's the perfect Spring/Summer polish wardrobe. 

Party Bus - Silvery confetti glitter. 
Some Hearts - Coral pink cream. 
Carnival Cotton Candy - Pretty pink cream. 
Colour Me Country - Hot pink cream. 
American as Apple Pie - Traditional deep classic red. 

Fisher Queen - Deep metallic aubergine. 
Carrie'd Away - Metallic gold shimmer. 
Lips are Dripping Honey - Multi-coloured gold and holograph glitter. 
Southern Charm - The perfect pink-nude cream. 
Sweet Daisy - Soft cream peach. 

Love My Pups - Sweet spun sugar pink. 
Goodbye Shoes - Creamy grey-green. 
Backstage Pass - Shimmery brown with purple undertone. 
Sing You Like a Bee - Frosty ice white. 

I'd love to actually swatch the Goodbye Shoes and Backstage Pass polishes as they resemble purple and the perfect grey in these promo pics - the description states their brown and grey-green? I just can't see it but swatching may show something else of course. 

Chances are if these collections hit our shores Nail Polish Direct's going to stock them. They tend to stock a lot of collections pretty early and even ones that are stocked in America. You can check them out here if you fancy it. 

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