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OCC | Colour Pencils Coming Soon

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) are releasing some gorgeous colour pencils in February for the USA and hopefully just after for the UK. There are twelve shades to choose from and colour range include nudes and brighter pop colours. 

Look at how beautiful they are...

Made to complement their highly pigmented Lip Tar's you can be sure these are going to also be creamy and pigmented. Shades include...

Neutrals: Anti-Feathered (clear), Trick (warm beige), Pennyroyal (peach-brown), Feathered (true white) and Grandma (classic coral). 

Darks: Symbil (midnight brown), Tarred (true black) and Black Dahlia (blackened red)

Colourful: Anime (neon pink), NSFW (true red), Pool Boy (aqua blue) and Hoochie (vibrant magenta) 

I'm not sure of UK stockists yet but Cocktail Cosmetics tend to stock a good range as well as a ton of other great brands too. So... thoughts, opinions, specific colour cravings? 


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