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Oriflame Fusion Foundation | Similar to YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

I was recently sent out the Oriflame Fusion Foundation to review, you know the problems I have (and have always had) with foundations of any brand in that even the lightest shade doesn't suit my awkward skin tone. While I don't look like Casper the friendly ghosts twin sister on photo images in person my skin varies from super white, purple-ish to red. Anything with a remote hint of yellow makes me look like I've been tangoed so you can imagine why I was a bit nervous about trying this out. 

I say nervous because I love the Oriflame brand, they don't get enough hype I feel and having tried quite a lot of their products. I've always been more than impressed with the results. This foundation comes in a 30 ml size and promises to leave you looking natural, feeling hydrated and comfortable due to the light coverage feel formula.  

I have the Porcelain shade which is the lightest of the five shades available. Other shades include Ivory, Rose Beige, Natural Beige and Honey Beige. The packaging is luxurious and the bottle itself is thick glass - you rarely get a decent weighted 'glass' bottle with a run of the mill foundation anymore, do you. 

The foundation offers medium to high coverage although I do feel it's mostly medium coverage, I found it didn't cover a few spots and you can see the freckle isn't fully covered in the image below either. It's easy to apply, creamy but not oily and it does last although I can't say that it lasts all day long as I didn't have it on all day. You know I'm going to through it out there and say that the formula of this foundation actually feels the same as my YSL Teint Touche Eclat Foundation - it's the same consistency, coverage and applies just as easily. 

The swatch above shows the foundation blob to the right and just to the left it has been blended into the skin. You can see it's slightly too dark for my skin, it's even darker on my skin in person of course depending on the weather (and my blooming iron levels) but it's perfect for using as a concealer cover up around my nose and chin. 

The shades that they carry will suit most people to be honest, I tend to be one of those skin tones that are one, two and even three varied shades. The main shade is normally lighter than the average shade's available with most brands - totally poop but what can you do. I don't tan and don't plan to start tanning anytime soon, but rest assured while this is a tad (only a smidgen) too dark for my skin it will suit most light skin tones especially those who normally wear nudes, porcelains or lightest light foundation shades. 

This costs £9.95 at the moment but it will increase to £11.45. I do feel that the normal retail price is still fantastic for what this foundation offers and while it didn't suit my skin tone it's going to suit most people's tone while saving you a ton of money. You can pick up your own from the UK Oriflame website.

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  1. Yes. It blends perfectly on my skin. I love this products since I m a person who doesnt like heavy look make up. It looks light but medium covered.


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