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Orly FX // Galaxy Collection 2014

Ah Galaxy Collection - why do you tempt me so. It's so amazingly pretty and such a great collection to start the year off don't you think? 

It's coming soon, date to be confirmed but just look at it! I'm sure you can let me off this once for not having a UK date? There's six polishes in the collection and it's inspired by constellations, galaxies and space. The FX shades are multi-dimensional and sparkly without having that Christmas appeal. Glitter and sparkle for a new age. 

The polishes come with either a black or white base and added sparkle, glitter and bits and bobs. Here's a look at the polishes...

Milky Way - White Jelly & Silver and Bronze Holographic Glitter. 
Starburst - White Jelly & Red, Orange and Bronze Glitter. 
Star Trooper - Black Jelly & White, Silver and Gold Glitter. 

Black Hole - Black Jelly & Red, White and Blue Glitter. 
Gravity Bound - Black Jelly & Purple, Blue and White Glitter. 
Intergalactic Space - Black Jelly & Purple, Blue, Silver and Bronze Glitter. 

Which do you love? Black Hole's my favourite. I'm not sure how the jelly formula's going to look with the glitter however because it has a tendency to either look amazing or look pretty scant. Once released you'll be able to get it from Nail Polish Direct here

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