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Paul & Joe // Body and Hair Treatment Oil Solid

I recently blogged about the Paul & Joe Glossy Lip Colour (here) and it's still my favouritest-favourite daytime lip colour, like seriously. You just can't beat the The Glossy Lip Colour and the creamy finish, the Treatment Balm pictured above is apart of the same Holiday 2013 Body and Make Up Collection so I was excited to try it out based on the lip colour - call me crazy. 

I know a treatment balm and a lip colour are worlds apart but it was the consistency and the premium quality of the lip colour that made me excited to try this - to be honest I'd be excited about trying any Paul & Joe products because they're l-u-s-h.  The balms come in two options which are Violet and Rose. I have the Violet option which is pictured below. 

Swoon - that retro packaging is amazing. I'll be keeping this tin for knick-knacks after it's all finished, wouldn't you? 

So what does this balm do? well it's multi-purpose in that it can be used to smooth down flyaway hairs, tame eyebrows, cuticles, lips, elbows, fine lines and basically anywhere that has hair or skin. Fact. Made with a blend of active ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Orange Honey, Lavender Oil, Damask Rose Honey and Rosa Canina Fruit Extract - it really is all good stuff and smells lovely, feminine and natural. 

The balm itself is as moisturising as a balm can get, of course if you suffer from really dry skin it's not going to cut it. Also it costs £20, I've heard this debate from both sides - cosmetic lovers feel that they'd rather spend £20 on a new lipstick or polish and skincare lovers feel the £20 is absolutely validated especially if it's a good brand. My thoughts are that it's absolutely worth it. It will last ages, I'd say it's going to last you a year with regular use. It's also a premium brand and nope I don't say that just because of the pretty packaging - the ingredients are awesome and beneficial to your skincare regime.  

For those who are trying to tackle fine lines, crows feet and the never ending anti-ageing war I fully recommend applying the balm to your focal areas. Mine are my smile lines (nipping that in the bud before it becomes a visible problem), my under eye area and the botox areas (or where you'd get botox if you're a fan) applying the balm before you apply your serums or creams gives those areas an extra boost. Want in on this action? you can also get your own from Selfridges here

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