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Paul & Joe // Glossy Lip Colour in Flamingo

*screams* Paul & Joe! I love this brand, I love the packaging and I love their kookiness - if this brand was a person I'd totally want it to be my BFF and chances are it would be like Zooey Deschanel or someone equally cool and kooky. 

This is my first lip colour from the brand and it's apart of their Paul & Joe Glossy Lip Colour range. The lip colours are absolutely gorgeous and I have Flamingo pictured below. I love this shade because it fools you - you think meh it's an OK looking colour that is until you apply it and it just pops! 

I love the packaging, so ornate, fresh and feminine. 

See... you'd think 'meh' not something I'm desperately going to rush out to purchase. The shade is a nude pink with a hint of coral. It's a cream finish that applies like a dream due to the spoon shaped applicator wand. I found it applied easily and evenly and didn't require a second coat to give it depth. 

Amazing isn't it. Pretty pink lips, the perfect type of pink if you want to be all girly and flirty or just want to pull of a fresh-faced polished look. I absolutely adore this shade. The Glossy Lip Colours normally cost £20 but this shade's on sale at Beauty Bay website here for only £14 *bargain*  


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