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QFiber Versatile Heat Body Wrap | My Saviour

It's not a beauty product but it's a beauty - work that out at this time of night. 

This beaut is the QFiber Versatile Body Wrap which is exactly what it sounds like. This wrap doesn't just go round your middle oh no, it can actually be used anywhere on the body within reason as it has extra Velcro pads that attach to the main wrap. 

To make it all a bit clearer take a peek at the contents...

The main wrap's pictured above, the three varied sized wraps can be attached to the main wrap to make it larger or these can be used on the arms, legs or chest. It also comes with a few adapters but no UK plug, it's OK though because it has a USB adapter - Yay. 

Once you're plugged into the matrix your laptop you can adjust your heat settings to mild, medium and awe-some! This was me earlier at 2pm. 

Totally feeling like I'm tapped into the Matrix a-la Keanu Reeves. It feels so g-o-o-d. At this moment in time and for the last week my fibromyalgia's flared up due to having the flu. My sons are also ill and I'm feeling very weak, sore and sorry for myself. Anyone who's ever suffered from back pain, muscle pain, arthritis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, M.S or any-time of deep pain will absolutely benefit from this heat pad. 

To ensure you're safe it does shut off after an hour because let's be straight, it's super easy to fall asleep when you're wrapped up in a cosy blanket of warmth. I have no major issues with this product, it's soft, there's no uncomfortable metal bits or bits that dig into the skin. It's absolutely adjustable for all sizes and the heat you get reaches right into the fibrous tissues and deep into the muscles - no other heat pad or microwave bag or hot water bottle has. 

This costs £52.95 and is worth every penny. It's well made and I use it every day (since Christmas Eve) it's fair to say I've had my money's worth already. You can get your own at J.D Harris here where it's currently on offer. 


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