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Radiant Orchid Beauty Treats For Spring // Top Ten

Are you sick of hearing about 'Radiant Orchid' yet? I'm definitely getting there so I promise this will be the last Radiant Orchid feature this season unless something crazy-awesome pops up. 

The Pantone of the year was announced not too long ago, I was instantly disappointed because it's neither here or there for me. I love red, I love pinks and I think because I like both of those so much lilac's just don't get noticed in my world. Make it deeper like a sexy plum or a gothic grape and I'm all over that but this shade leaves me 'meh.' 

I have been forced to eat my words on a few occasions, I decided to eat my words again and pick ten Radiant Orchid inspired products that are actually do-able, lush even. I'd absolutely wear any of these products however give me the option of these and a deep wine, grape or bubblegum and I'm sorry they're not getting anywhere near my face - can't beat a sultry shade and this isn't exactly a sultry Pantone is it.

Enough of my grumpy chops I'd love to hear your thoughts on this? do you crave some Radiant Orchid in your make up bag? do you despise the prettiness of this pinky-purple? Let me know.  

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