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Resolutions // Better Late Than Never

I'm a resolution maker, normally. This year I've been a bit if a rebel - a resolution rebel and yup I'm posting these after New Years *shock horror* 

I tend to only make a resolution if I feel I can really do it, while I could pop down 'travel more' the truth is I know it's not possible and meh I don't feel the need to travel so my resolutions may not be incredibly exciting, the sense of accomplishment I get when I achieve even a minor one though is so worth it. 

So here goes...

Get Organised - I've always been organised but over the last three months things got pretty crazy. I know I need to get a handle on it again, also my house is pretty overcrowded which means we have to be super-organised. We're hopefully planning to move this year but in the meantime things need to change both in our home life and hubster and my work life. 

Improve Energy Levels - This may be a bit of a long shot but I'd love to feel energised so I can just be positive, get more done and feel normal. I suppose this will come down to getting good and long-lasting control on my celiacs, allergies and health problems - may be a shot in the dark really but I'm dedicated to getting a handle on this. 

Work Harder - Because of the above two issues I have been known to procrastinate. When you're feeling drained diving into a mountain of work can be tough, I plan to push through and work especially harder this year. 

Tone Up & Get Fitter - Yoga and pilates are my ammunition with this resolution. Ideally, I'd love to commit to daily yoga but I know it might not be possible. I do plan to start off small and work my way upwards so by the end of the year I am doing at least thirty minutes a day. 

Focus On Charity - I'm already helping out a few charities but this year I wanted to focus on two specific ones as my main focus. The charities I'm helping are Make-A-Wish and World Vision UK. I do have a blog sale on just now with donations from myself, brands and other bloggers, it will be a continuous sale over the next twelve months. I am sorting out the images to go with the blog sale but in the meantime, you can find the deets here

Find My Zen - Meditate more, be nicer and find inner peace. Sounds cray-cray but it's something I've always strived for but never placed much emphasis on. I did find previously that meditation helped me greatly, I became happier, more positive and my head was definitely clearer. 

Get Social - I'm a pea-brain. I forget things easily and when I'm so tired that I feel like crying I tend to lose my personality and witty-ness. I find every time I tweet someone unfollows which is fine but my Tweets and Facebook statuses don't have 'personality' I also plan to reply to every comment, email and tweet within the same day - this is my promise to you guys. 

Vlog More Regularly - The only thing stopping me is set-up. I've been trying to find a great camera, tripod and set up but there's so many I'm a bit lost. My room is also quite dark so I'm trying to find the time to decorate it - to lighten it up and then there's the timing, it's so limited as my sons are pretty loud even when their quiet if that makes sense. I have plenty of ideas for vlog topics and I know once the set up is ready I will be addicted to my YouTube channel, hopefully, you'll all join along with me on that journey. 

Help My Boys With Their Ambitions - I've already made a start to this. My middle son wants to be a WWE wrestler, who am I to say he can't do that? We booked tickets to see WWE in Glasgow in May and he keeps fit daily, learns the names to the moves, puts the moves into action and lives, breathes and eats wrestling - he also wants to vlog so I'm looking into cameras etc. My eldest son wants to focus on cars as he's a HUGE car lover - we're going to see the first ever Scottish Top Gear Live this month to indulge him. My youngest son wants to be a Minecraft vlogger - he's four and while he is young he did make his own vlog, he created his own world with his own buildings and decided what to say etc all on his own. You can find his first vlog below....

Work On My Confidence - I've had my issues with confidence all of my life. As a child, I was put down quite a lot, bullied mentally and never felt comfortable in my own skin. While I can brush off knockdowns most of the time my overall confidence does wane. I want to work on keeping my confidence up, feeling happy in my own skin and with my differences and kookiness without becoming arrogant and big-headed. 

All pretty do-able don't you think? Apologies that they're not very exciting but I know that if I achieve these great things are going to happen - I'll be sure to keep you posted off course. The most worrying one for me though if the getting fit and toning up, due to a lack of energy and a deep hatred for all that is an exercise I know I'm going to struggle with it. I'm at that stage in life where I can see physical changes in my skin, it's getting thinner, looser and well, more aged and I really need to get a handle on it asap you know to nip the whole thing in the bud. I'm guessing it's going to be hard with a lack of energy but as I work at it maybe just maybe it will get easier and my energy levels will return too. 

What resolutions have you all made? If you've made a resolution post link in below. 

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