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Sneak Peek | MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads are coming soon guys, March to be exact. I love a good palette or quad product and this is no exception. You'll see from the pictures below of the products that there's a good base colour range and the shadows are made with a pretty shimmery formula - they look so soft and creamy, don't they. 

There are six new quad compacts containing four different coloured eyeshadows. Each of the shades is supposed to blend able and suitable for both day or night time looks as well as being suitable for all skin tones. Each of the eyeshadows is made by combining 77 minerals with a  mineral-rich yeast extract, while the yeast extract doesn't sound appealing the 77 minerals do - that's a crazy number. 

Here are the pics...

A Party of Pastels - Coordinated pastel pinks and soft violets. 
A Medley of Mauves - Four colours including deep aubergine to icy pearl pink.

Sprinkle of Blues - Intense navy to deep blues. 
A Waft of Grey - Amazingly beautiful dark charcoals to white frost. 

Glimmer Of Gold - Soft golds and copper bronze. 
A Harvest of Greens - Green olives to blackened burgundy.  

Which one's takes your fancy then? Pretty amazing aren't they. You'll be able to get these over on MAC Cosmetics.


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  1. Wow these look so lovely, I really like the look of the 'Glimmer of Gold' one! lovely blog:) x


    1. I'm with you Emily, Glimmer of Gold's my favourite too. X


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