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Sneak Peek | Primark SS14

It's that time of year again. I always look forward to the Primark previews and last seasons was incredible - to be honest, I think I loved everything in that preview. This season, however, is pretty disappointing, don't get me wrong there are some beautiful pieces but most feels like it's been done already - last season even. 

My absolute favourite piece is...

My favourite dress is this muted floral shade, Primark has a few florals going on this season but this one stood out a mile. The cut, the colour palette and well everything about it is going to be so flattering to all body shapes. 

Accessories wise everything is either gold-toned or bedazzled with bold faux gemstones. This is the thick rope and gold done costume necklace. I love it because it's easily transferable from day-to-night. There's another similar version which is all gold-toned, all of this season's accessories are going to look amazing with shirts, dresses or along with a chic blazer. 

This clutch is absolutely to die for, I love everything about it and the ethnic with the slightly zingy yellow-lime shade is perfect don't you think?  

Shoes are flats all the way bay-bee. There's light pink and these deep wine Mary-Jane flats and there's a few faux flats in pink tones also. If you're a flats lover like I am you're going to love them - promise. 

There's plenty of blazers in varied textures as well as the floral versions I talked about at the start. Shades are blacks, teals and muted rainbow tones but it's the black jacquards and textured fabrics that stood out, this bomber jacket (yes they're back) instantly attracted me, those monochromes are so powerful and to be honest it doesn't resemble a bomber jacket does it, really?  

I love this maxi. It does feel very farm girl but I adore it so badly I need it on 'ma bodee' Keeping the accessories neutral is key to making this work, mixing up textures such as leather and linen will also look so nice and yup sandals, boots, heels you name it any footwear are going to work depending on what look you're trying to put out there. 

Maxi dresses are a particular Spring-Summer weakness of mine, unfortunately, I can't really get any for my petite size. I think that's why I may be particularly enamoured by them especially when they're as classy as this one. Ones that are cut-out all over the place or leave you flashing your booby-doo's are not my style this however is.  

Shorts aplenty. Been there done that for many of them, black with cut-outs, monochrome stripes to match the bomber jacket above and textured fabrics ones also - none stood out except these ones. 

On to the pieces that feel like they've just been done. 

This asymmetric monochrome skirt has been done not too long ago, while this may look fantastic on a lot of people it just looks cheap I think. I hope I'm proven otherwise over the next few months. 

The sixties-inspired dress has me debating. I love the dress, the cut and the idea but the print has been done so many times. Maybe I just can't see it lasting any more than one season and that's what's put me off. 

Nooooo! Damn those pesky kids! This reminds me of the jacket that the girl in Scooby-Doo wears. Just no on every level.  
This could have been classic but it feels like theirs just too much going on.  

I love satchels so don't get me wrong, I love that this is a mini satchel, I love-love-love it in red and there's nothing actually wrong with this piece - it's just been so saturated over the last few seasons that I kinda hopped Primark would pull something new out of the bag. 
Skorts. Nuff said. 

This is nice but again it was done last year. The whole half sheer thing was so overdone that I just look at it and go 'meh' nice but nah - I'll pass. 

While it's a nice dress and will look incredible on some it's just been done so much and over a long period of time that once again I'd hoped something new would have popped up on the preview. 

What did you make of the new releases? What takes your fancy? Of course, you can pick them up in your local Primark and ASOS will hold some of the pieces here too. 


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  1. The blazers are brilliant, I am looking forward to getting a few more x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing more what they will have in store :) http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/


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