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Strange Celebrity Beauty Tips // Leave It or Love It

I'm all for home beauty tips and I do dabble in quite a few home made masks, cleansers and hair care products. If it sounds like it could work then chances are I'll have tried it or plan to do so. While searching for some new natural options I found that celebrities either had genius tips or down right disgusting or crazy ones. It was this disgust mainly that lead to this post today. 

Here's they are, are you ready for this... 

Miranda Kerr // To get brighter eyes try adding some natural lip balm to your eyes and eye lids. This works because the balm nourishes and hydrates the gentle eye area, due to the glisten and shine the light will also bounce off these areas making you look youthful and healthier. Stay away from petroleum based balms though as it's not going to nourish you in any way.  

Catherine Zeta Jones // Want shiny locks? try CZJ's favourite tip by rinsing your hair with beer. The hops and barley in the beer give your hair shine and volume by coating each strand, use this as a one off though otherwise it's going to become an expensive habit and your boss may start asking questions.  

Snooki // Need to exfoliate? Yup we all do it but Snooki takes it one step further by sloughing off her dead skin with kitty litter. Gross! Don't try that at home though because kitty litter contains silica which aggravates the skin.  

Denise Richards //  For smooth hair Denise applies mashed avocado to her hair like a mask. This is a great tip because avocado's contain lots of healthy fatty oils which nourish the hair and scalp.  

Jennifer Love Hewitt // Hmmm we've all done this I'm sure, JLH calms spots by applying toothpaste on them at night. Calcium Carbonate in toothpaste will dry it but not get rid of infection or bacteria. Peppermint also soothes inflammation so it's not a complete fail.  

Lady Gaga // I know she's a tad cray-cray but Gaga removes her glitter and eye make-up with tape. I know it can get everywhere and even when you wash it still sticks but tape? call me crazy but wouldn't something else be more gentle on the skin - fabric, cotton wool or blue tac for those harder areas. 

Sienna Miller // Sienna's known for her blonde flowing locks but did you know she keeps them looking natural by using tomato sauce. The tomato sauce takes out the brassiness and green tinge out of blonde dye. 

Lisa Rinna // Plump up your lips by applying some cinnamon oil. The cinnamon mildly irritates the lips so blood flows to them resulting in a plumped up natural pout. . 

Teri Hatcher // Have you ever taken a bath filled with red wine? Nope neither have I but Teri has. Wine contains tartaric acid which is an exfoliating agent which will leave you with healthier skin, it's also jam packed with antioxidants which will help you rid your skin of nasty toxins however, if you have any cuts or scrapes imagine how sore that's going to be? Dr Oz even advocated the use of red wine as a facial ingredient simply due to the antioxidant benefits.  

Miranda Kerr // This natural beauty soothes her puffy and tired eyes by chilling a spoon in the freezer and applying it to her eyes. The cool metal helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness.  

January Jones // Gross alert. January apparently pinged back into shape after pregnancy because she took pills made from her own placenta. 

Scarlett Johansson // A girl after my own heart, Ms SJ cleans her skin with apple cider vinegar. After researching natural methods she found it was suppose to be good for the skin because the mild acidic properties help to slough away dead skin cells while also offering protection from pimples and acne. I absolutely advocate apple cider vinegar for everything skin and hair related, it makes the most amazing hair rinse and body rinse. Simply dilute 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. 

Halle Berry // Halle keeps cellulite at bay by grinding fresh coffee and adding it to her body wash. The coffee stimulates blood flow which helps to detox your lymphatic system, the coffee also works as an exfoliating which helps to reduce that horrid orange peel effect you get with cellulite.  

Eva Longorio // Another strange one. Eva apparently uses expensive face creams containing placenta. I'm not going to even look into the benefits of that one to be honest. 

Catherine Zeta Jones // Keep your toothy-pegs fresh and white by doing as Ms Jones does and rub your teeth with cut strawberries. The acidity helps to remove stains while having a natural bleaching effect. This does work but don't expect dentist type results. 

Nicole Kidman // Rinsing with cranberry juice apparently helps Nicole keep her strawberry blonde hair shiny and glossy. It seals the cuticles and enhances the natural red tones in her hair colour. I would absolutely try this out. Have you tried this? 

Julia Roberts // A wise and effective tip from Julia. Apply a cupboard staple - olive oil, to your cuticles and hands to soften them naturally. It's in-expensive and works really well.  

Sandra Bullock // I've tried it, it works but it's not advisable these days due to it causing congestion in the vessels if used too often. Haemorrhoid cream has been used for years as an off label under eye cream simply because it's active ingredient restricts blood vessels which reduces the puffiness that leaves us looking a bit crap. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you're going to try it or not.  

Victoria Beckham // Oh-em-gee Victoria keeps her skin looking fresh and youthful with Geisha facials, these facials actually use nightingale bird poop and it's said to work as the most amazing cleanser. I don't care how well it works and how many millions I had I would never apply poop to my face - would you? 

Debra Messing // To reduce the signs of ageing Debra uses Kate Somerville eye cream which is made using snake venom. Having tried a lower cost brand of snake venom cream it absolutely works and very very quickly. I would recommend snake venom products for sure. 

Fergie // Ah another clever chick. Fergilicious beats the bloat by consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day. Apple cider vinegar is so good for the body as it helps to detox, settles tummy upsets, boost the immune system and helps to balance a blocked system. Sinus, throat, chest, bowels; you name it if you're blocked get some vinegar down you. 

What did you think of the beauty tips? Are there any you've tried or any you were completely grossed out by? 

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