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Ted Baker Beauty // Nailed It

Another foray into a new brand and this time it's Ted Baker Beauty. Honestly I wasn't aware that Ted Baker made nail polish four months ago but I'm glad they do, these polishes are from a Ted Baker Polish Duo Set (£8.50). If you follow my Facebook page you'll already know that I adore these polishes, I even had you guys guessing as to which brand were the creators of the glossy pink and black lacquers. 

Here's the swatch of the polish duo...

Both polishes were fully opaque in two coats. The first coat on the pink was sheer but as you can see it turns into a beautiful nude-pink with just one more coat. If you want a jelly cream finish just add another coat (three coats). The black wowed me simply because it's blacker than black. Most blacks have a purple, brown or blue undertone but not this one, it is simply black like tar  but in the most beautiful way. As you can see it's very glossy - so much so it was hard to get a good clear photograph of the swatches. 

Both have lasting power, the black lasted for around four days without a top coat. The pink fared longer at five days also without a top coat (I like to test polish that way). Both polishes can be worn together or individually, personally I plan to wear a pink nail with a black French tip but keep my ring finger all black - I shall upload those snaps toute-suite. 

They don't just do polish sets as you can see from this pic, these are the Ted Baker Emery Boards (£5) and each beautifully packaged set contains three files. I love the packaging it's just so beautiful - this would make an amazing gift wouldn't it? with your BFF's favourite nail polish. Oh and then there's Mother's Day *winks* can't go wrong with nail care for a day like Mother's Day can you. 

That's a Wrap Bird Print Strips (£7.50) are also available, the nail strips do come in a variety of prints but the bird print is my favourite. It's vampy but also quite fun at the same time. These are super easy to apply and are made from layers of nail polish - because it's made from polish and not stickers these actually stay on the nail shaping themselves to fit even the most ski-wiffy shaped talons (yup I have a ski-wiffy middle nail, it seriously has a mind of it's own). 

To apply these you simply file and shape your nail, make sure it's clean by wiping it down with some polish remover or facial toner and allow it to dry. You can apply a vitamin polish or base polish layer but it's honestly not needed as these stick really well. 

You then select your polish strip and apply it slowly ensuring you smooth it down as it goes on, this stops air bubbles from forming. If you do find it has a bubble simply lift it up and smooth it down once again. 

Once you have your strips applied you file them to shape by filing in a downwards motion, this ensures they cover the ends of your nails and leaves you with a smooth finished manicure. To seal simply apply a topcoat. These will stay put until you decide to change your style up and will also stay in place when your doing the dishes, bathing or anything else that normally chips your polish. 

Boots stock all of these products as well as the newer duo polish sets, the newer versions include a glitter polish *swoon* and I especially love the Cherry Bomb version. You can check out the range here if you wish. I would thoroughly recommend the brand and the polishes although they're super affordable at £8.50 for the two this does not reflect their quality. These are easily superior to many China Glaze and OPI's that I've tested. 


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