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The Body Shop | Hemp Head-To-Toe Gift Set

The Body Shop had a half-price sale on around the beginning of December which leads to a few sneaky last-minute purchases. While I had fully intended of gifting this to someone special (won't name names) when it came to wrapping time I just couldn't let it go. I knew the person would appreciate it but they probably wouldn't use it where I would use everything. This gift set should have cost £25 but I picked it up for an affordable £12.50 - bargain or what. 

While I'm not a pothead or even someone who dabbled with smoking weed I do appreciate a nice tin (packaging). I was slightly gutted to find it was bashed on one side when it arrived but I'm not going to start emailing complaints to The Body Shop anytime soon. 

The tin contains four products which when purchased individually would cost £32. Even the standard price of £25 gives you mega savings - I do love a bargain, don't you? Included in the tin is: 

100ml Hemp Hand Protector Cream
200ml Hemp Body Butter
Hemp Lip Protector
15ml Hemp Foot Protector. 

The Hemp Body Butter has a natural, fresh and tea-like scent which then transfers into an earthy note. It's really gorgeous. The body butter itself is actually a thick cream and is nowhere near as thick as their traditional butter - I actually prefer the consistency as it means I can apply it to the whole of my body super quick. Although it's thinner than the normal butter the hydrating effects last longer for some reason. 

The Foot Protector is thick, sort of like the consistency of The Body Shop's normal body butters but the pot is super small. I've been rationing it which is quite hard because I normally slather my tootsies in creams. Having tried this though I would will absolutely purchase the full sized version as it leaves my skin and tootsies feeling comfortable and silky soft for around five hours. 

This was the surprising product because I am very picky with lip balms. Most taste plastic-like or don't work all that well or contain nasty ingredients. This balm tastes mildly of citrus and then changes into a tea like taste (it's not that bad and that's coming from someone who dislikes citrus flavours). 

My lips were an absolute mess over the last week, they had split, were really jaggy from the hardened skin and were dry as a bone. I lost my balms (well they fell behind the unit and can't ever be returned) and applied this just this morning. I am typing this now 10 hours later and I've applied it about three times today and they're back to being baby soft *yay* I'm now addicted. 

The hand protector is also super thick and does take a bit of rubbing to get it to absorb into the skin - otherwise, you will have white hands. Once absorbed though it leaves the skin feeling like velvet or silk it's so nice. I use it as cuticle cream also especially after having Shellac polish removed. 

Overall this gift set is so much better than I expected, I love everything in it and have no issues with the products or how well they perform and would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone. You can purchase this from The Body Shop websiteThe Body Shop website for the normal price of £25. Keep your eyes peeled though for special offers - if you see one snap this set up asap. 


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