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The Body Shop | SS14 Collection

The Body Shop have released their 2014 Make-up and body care collection info and I do think it's pretty hit or miss. The collection stars the Face Colour Shimmer Cubes but then I really feel like I've seen those for oh so long that they no longer inspire me or excite me. Don't get me wrong they are amazing products but *sigh* I'm just not sure I'll be rushing out to purchase anything. 

Alongside the Shimmer Cubes in pink shades and bronze tones there are two new lip gloss flavours in vanilla and rose scent options - both are limited edition. 

Ah, how cute is that little blueberry sponge? too darn cute that's how much. The blueberry collection I feel has more excitement, it's not a scent that's spread across the whole high street and anyone who's a fan of body butter will probably want to try this out. I know I do. The blueberry collection contains the cute Blueberry sponge, Blueberry Jelly Body Scrub, Blueberry Body Butter, Blueberry Body Lotion and Blueberry Shower Gel. 

Which of the two collections do you feel you'd purchase? You will be able to pick these up over on  The Body Shop website. 

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