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Urban Decay Naked Powders & Beauty Balms 2014

These are receiving some major hype right now in America, I so badly want to try them. I have to say I'm a fan of face powders and I've yet to try any foundations or such like from UD purely because I wasn't sure they'd really leave me looking flawless as they seem to have an orange tinge about them - however, keep reading below, my mind may have been changed. 

These are the Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powders *whoo* try saying that fast ten times. Flawless skin - yes, please. Silky finish - uh huh this way. Shine reduction and flaws looking less defined - SIGN ME UP! 

The powders are supposed to include light reflecting particles to blur flaws, dematifying oil areas that lead to shine and they are supposed to leave you looking luminous and healthy in all of the right places. The formula is also built able and I suppose you really could mix in a little with some of your daily moisturiser if you wanted a stronger base, adding the powder in layers to really smooth your appearance is totally possible given this is supposed to feel lightweight on the skin. 

Major selling points are it doesn't cake, it comes in both light shades and darker shades *yay* and it doesn't fade away or settle into creases like most powder products do. Honestly, I'm just glad they're catering for lighter and darker tones because not many premium brands do. Colours available are Naked Light, Naked Medium Light, Naked Medium, Naked Medium Dark and Naked Dark. 

On a similar note, the Naked Skin Beauty Balm (BB) is going to be coming in two new shades. 

This is what I was talking about at the start and one of the main reasons I'm completely desperate to try out the BB cream and powder. The BB cream is going to include another two shades - Naked Light and Naked Dark *smiles* I can now get both light products and look awesome (hopefully) rather than looking like a Towie extra. The BB cream also has added benefits - it has anti-aging properties and improves dehydration especially when used over a few weeks. It works as both a base and a primer and contains those magical light-diffusing pigments that the powder contains too. 

Once again you can get your mitts on these from both Debenhams here and House of Fraser here once launched. 


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