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Urban Decay | Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss Collection

You've either seen, heard or been apart of the Naked 3 Palette craziness recently. Urban Decays Naked products are huge partly because they're wearable, go on like a dream and come in the most calming but sexy shades ever. I know I've said it over and over again but palettes that focus more so on day shades that can be transformed into night are a winner - beauty brands take note. Daytime and nudes are where it's at. 

So... getting a tad off track there. I wanted to show you the new Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss line. While I don't have the product in hand I do plan to get it in hand as soon as I possibly can. The formula is said to be creamy with a high gloss and none of the yucky stickiness you get with typical glossy lip products. I personally think they're going to resemble liquid lipsticks with a sheerer edge. I could be wrong though. 

Keeping in mind this is a part of the 'Naked' line so these lip glosses are never going to be hugely vibrant these are more suited for the daytime or wearing alongside and smoky eye or artistic eye make up. There are nine shades, here are the deets on them. 

Walk of Shame - Pale nude-pink with a subtle shimmer.
Liar - Soft mauve-pink
Lovechild - Medium pink
Naked - Nude pink with pearl shimmer. 
Beso - Deep mauve-pink.
Freestyle - Nude brown with a subtle shimmer. 
Streak - Coral-peach.
Nooner - Light neutral. 
Rule34 - Medium brown-nude. 

Here's the question I always ask, which one stands out? I know it may seem like I'm repeating myself but I genuinely like to hear your thoughts and views on new lines, what your favourite shades are and even what you are hating about products and lines I write about. After all, it would be so boring if we all liked the same thing and I like to be challenged on occasion. It has changed my view on so many products over the years. You can check these out once launched at both Debehams and  House of Fraser


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  1. These sounds beautiful! Great post - will definatly be reading more :D
    Elephant stories and more

    1. Thank you Ellie, I appreciate it lovely. x

  2. These look lovely, I don't really like vibrant lip gloss so these are right up my street...I'm not even a lip gloss kinda girl really! x

    1. Me too but these I just feel the pull to buy them somehow. I'm even thinking that the corals and pink might be my choice (I'm normally a purple gal) Which do you think you'd go for? x


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