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Valentine's Day // Token Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so expect some loveage over the next few weeks. I don't know if you guys go all out for the 14th or if you tend to keep your head down hoping it will pass quickly. Hubster and I tend to just get a little something something depending on the financial situation and if there are cute and affordable things on our wishlists. 

Hubster's not the easiest to buy for so getting a little token is less stressful and less costly (otherwise a good present for him would run into the £80 mark - no freeking way!) so this is a little list of affordable goodies to hopefully inspire you. If there's something you see that you want, I suggest leaving this post open or kindly emailing, sharing and tagging your loved one - subtle all the way baby. 

Here goes... 

Valentines Tattoo Biscuits (£10) / I love tattoo's, design and biscuits so I'm guessing these are going to be a hit for both sexes. They're so unusual and come in their own gift box too. Awesome huh. 

Cake in a Can (£4.99) / What a fab idea for those working abroad, off-shore or in the services. Also it makes a great gift to slip in to your loved one's packed lunch or work bag. I had to include it because it's cake and it's cute and unique all in one. 

Personalised Message Bangle (£59) / Jewellery is always a great gift option because it's something that lasts forever. I think jewellery sort of went out when the gold rush hit because no-one cared about the keeping aspect, jewellery that's different and evokes certain memories is always going to be something you want to keep and to pass on to your children. I know I love this idea because you could add dates, quotes or names - it's really limitless. 

Champagne & Strawberry Marshmallows (£13.95) / You know what these are just too damn cute. They also look fantastic and are spangly. I want. I don't care too much for their flavours but these with a lush hot chocolate would be the perfect way to finish the day - of course your partner may choose something else to end the day with probably which starts with lingerie and ends with no lingerie. 

Matchsticks Biscuits (£10) / How damn realistic do these look. Nuff said. 

Roses Are Red Tea Set (£28.50) / You know I really love this just for the clear teapot. It's a tea set that includes flowering bud tea, because the teapot's clear you can see the tea flower unravelling and I'm guessing based on previous floral tea's that it's going to look amazing. 

Silver Double Heart Necklace (£40) / Weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's or just to say 'I Love You' this is a great gift idea because it's simple and classic. If you're into symbolism then what's better to signify true love and connection than two joined hearts. 

I Belong To You Lumineer's Print (£13.20) / Awesome band, awesome print. How amazing would this be if you met your partner at a concert or this song has a major meaning to you. Personally I just love the look of the print - team it with an amazing frame and your done. 

Love Heart Silk Bracelet (£10) / It's not the most stand out present but if you like to buy tokens instead of major presents this is a great option. It's cute and affordable. 

All of these tokens are from Not On The High Street, I always buy my Valentines cards and gifts from there due to them being so unique and affordable. You can check them out here or click the names in the list to go to the specific products. 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

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  1. Wonderful post :D love the sound of the cookies and valentines day in general haha! x xx



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